English style in the interior

English style in the interior

The modern design, made in English style, looks elegant, practical and cozy. These are exquisite expensive furniture, carpets and a fireplace, which speak of impeccable taste and prosperity of the owners. The English style uses only the richest textures. These are chic fabrics: velvet or leather, as well as valuable woods. Such an interior always uses rich and deep colors. It allows for original textiles with colorful ornaments that attract attention.

Today, the English style mixes two trends — Victorian and Gregorian styles. The first allows for the presence of decorative elements of various design directions. For example, a non-uniform range of colors on the walls is possible. And the second is a more strict style, which is distinguished by greatness, strict observance of proportions and combinations of tones, without multicoloring. Currently, these directions are often mixed. Although, if desired, you can design the interior of the room only in one of the styles.

In general, the English style pays great attention to the treatment of walls. It is recommended to use wallpaper with a heavy texture and wood paneling. Cornices and pilasters are also made. At the same time, a variety of colors are allowed — from neutral and calm, to active and bright. Terracotta color looks very unusual in the design of such interiors.

The classic English version is considered striped wallpaper or with a heraldic pattern. Such walls will certainly attract attention. Therefore, it is important not to overdo it, otherwise only bright wall coverings will be visible in your room. Everything should be in moderation, only then you will get a true English style.

In a house with an English interior style, there is always an office. The walls of this room are decorated with oak or walnut panels. Irreplaceable attributes of the office are green cloth, a large desktop and a huge library with old books.

Special attention is paid to accessories. Original nuances are created by draperies, curtains, antique souvenirs and lamps. It is desirable to make curtains heavy, which will give the room solidity. Crystal and gilding are actively used. This creates a unique atmosphere of luxury. At the same time, with the skillful use of details, the room in the English style always remains cozy.