Interior of traditional English cuisine

Interior of traditional English cuisine

Modern English cuisine harmoniously combines utilitarianism with the traditional style of home decoration. Furniture is made of natural wood, preferably of hardwoods: oak, yew, walnut, – the wood of which does not absorb kitchen odors, but on the contrary – has a refreshing effect. Kitchen furniture is equipped, most often, with various decorative elements in the antique style, decorated with ornaments, carvings. Facades together with decorative details are usually covered with paints of light tones: light yellow, beige, cream, white and blue. Metal parts – handles, hooks, holders, stands – artificially age, cover them with patina, scuffs, cracks.


English housewives have special requirements for the stove. A convenient stove should have a special burner for a kettle, burners for pots and pans, a grill (sometimes two or three), a volumetric oven (preferably two).

Modern kitchen appliances

Electric and gas stoves, microwave ovens, ovens and frying cabinets have replaced the good old reliable stove. But the requests of the housewives have remained the same, so the modern English kitchen is necessarily equipped with a variety of modern kitchen appliances that are built in and decorated in the style familiar to the English.


Hoods are designed as massive mantels and are often made in the same style with the rest of the furniture, as well as other appliances look like ordinary kitchen cabinets, because they are made of facade material. You can buy an extractor hood for the kitchen yourself and when repairing it, embed it in a prepared place. If the area allows, there may well be a fireplace in the kitchen.

Car washes

The British prefer faience sinks, although modern metal ones are also gradually gaining the right to live in English homes. Double sinks are also made of earthenware, but faucets and faucets for water look as if they are a hundred years old, that is, with modern quality, an antique design is used.

Open shelves

A lot of things in English cuisine are hidden from prying eyes, but there are necessarily several open shelves on which things or products that are required most often are stored, as well as metal kettles, frying pans, pots, which are considered a traditional element of kitchen interior decoration. Housewives spare no time to maintain metal dishes in a perfectly shiny condition.


The kitchen is a room for cooking, it is not customary to eat here, so there is no dining area. But very often there is a structure that is called an “island” in Russian – a suspended bookcase above the cutting table, which usually stands in the middle of the kitchen room. What used to be placed on a solid-sized cutting table has now migrated upstairs to the island.

A few words about dishes

Large metal dishes of round or oval shape are most often used for table setting. Faience or porcelain dishes are more often hung on the wall as decorations, porcelain tea dishes are placed in the cupboard on shelves behind glass doors, silver dishes – a teapot, a sugar bowl, a creamer – are always somewhere in a prominent place.

The curtains

For curtains in the kitchen, they prefer to use natural fabrics in a cage or a small flower. Printed light chintz with a small pattern is a traditional fabric for use in the kitchen. Napkins and towels are selected to match. If the kitchen is part of a complex zoned room – kitchen-dining room-living room, then tablecloths, furniture covers and so on are also selected in tone.

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