Design solutions in the interior of a separate dining room

Design solutions in the interior of a separate dining room*

The design of a specially allocated room in the house for a dining room needs complete and scrupulous work, since it will not only take food on weekdays, but also host special events, as well as celebrations of family events.

Usually in the dining room all the furniture is located in the center. When choosing a dining set, you need to take into account its style, which gives it convenience, style and focuses on the advantages of the room. Based on your taste, you can choose a furniture set in any style, starting with classics and high-tech and ending with modern and country. The only thing that is taken into account when choosing is that it should harmonize with the interior of the dining room, match the decor of the walls, ceiling and floor, as well as doors and windows.

The dining set usually includes a table, chairs, various cabinets for storing dishes and other household utensils in them. These can be dressers, sideboards, glass showcases, slides and buffets. The table is the most important attribute of the dining room. It can be square, rectangular, round or oval in shape. Such a table can have a variety of sizes, but a real dining room requires a large table that can be folded out if necessary.
The transformer table is the best choice for any dining rooms, regardless of their size.

In general, different types of wood are used in the production of tables. Tables made of light-colored trees are in no less demand. These include light oak, walnut or alder. The materials from which the table is made must first of all be moisture-resistant, durable, they must not be exposed to surface damage and exposure to high temperatures. And decorative napkins and tablecloths used in the dining room can favorably highlight the interior in the dining room, as well as prevent damage to the countertop.

Chairs located in the dining room play an important role. Basically, they are made in the same design style with the table. When choosing chairs, you need to look at the material with which they are upholstered, the convenience of their designs, durability and strength. The upholstery, made of genuine leather, is currently the most durable, sturdy and reliable. Tapestries and various fabrics are also excellent upholstery. These chairs have a great view.

The buffet always decorated the dining room. In size, it is usually taller than a sideboard, and its upper part is made in the form of glass doors. Frosted, transparent or multicolored glasses are installed on the doors. In any case, the sideboard and sideboard are designed to store cutlery, dishes, towels, napkins and tablecloths, which, by the way, offers an interesting  интернет магазин бытовой техники.

When installing lighting, the dining room is divided into several zones, where various light sources are used. A chandelier is hung above the dining table, the height of which can be adjusted and, if necessary, change the brightness of the lighting, and the use of a floor lamp or sconce creates family comfort in the dining room in the evening.

The feeling of comfort and ease is achieved by decorating the dining room with plants. Ficuses, dracaena and palm trees are perfect for this.

Design solutions in the interior of a separate dining room

Design solutions in the interior of a separate dining room