Interior in bright colors

A few words about modern trends in interior design

Many modern trends in design now rely, as a rule, on postmodernism, in which a mixture of styles creates a new style. However, for each case of home decoration, it is necessary to choose the right, suitable direction, thanks to which a unique design will be created. The main criteria in this activity are a sense of proportion and taste.

All modern trends in design are divided into some stylistic directions. Minimalism is especially relevant now, which has been leading in design directions for a long time. Also, interior design is often not complete without empiricism and “bionic” architecture. Houses are very harmoniously combined with the landscape, a combination of glass, wood, stone. The Versace tile remains the hit of the season.

Young people often perform interior design in the high-tech style. At the same time, the interior items have also changed. The amount of silver and gold has increased, there are more expensive fabrics, and forms have become more complicated. This style is called “new Baroque”, and it seems to oppose minimalism, moving away from certain restrictions to luxury and abundance.

Lovers of natural materials, stones and wood are increasingly choosing the so-called “ecological interior”, where country and folk style are very popular varieties.

Another fashionable and elitist style is shabby chic. Although this trend is very popular in modern design, however, this style in interior design has not yet received wide distribution. The reason for this is that people often cannot perceive specially aged furniture or walls as something valuable and original.

It is always considered fashionable to perform interior design in a classic style. However, a measure is needed here so that your apartment does not turn into a museum or theatrical scenery.

Also, designers consider the direction of “moderate classics” to be successful. In this interior, the composition of the living space is balanced, and there is also a division into a guest and a private area, some classic decorative details are combined.