Children’s rooms

In the children’s room, the most important thing is safety. Keep this in mind when buying furniture and other interior items. In addition, it is desirable that this room is easily amenable to re-arrangement, since you will definitely have to change something in it as your child grows.

First you need to furnish a room for your baby baby slider. The first time you will have to redo the nursery when the child goes to school, the second time – when he or she reaches adolescence.

You can re-furnish the room every time, you can buy furniture, the size of which is being built on, or combine these two approaches. Your decorative delights will become more durable if you focus primarily on strength and functionality, and only then on style.

Decide whether your child’s room will be designed only for sleeping or for playing games too. Will only one child live in the nursery or more? You may want to combine a bedroom and a playroom. Will your child do their homework here? Will he draw, sculpt from plasticine and do other interesting things in this room? How will this room be used in the near future and how – in the distant future? The answers to all these questions should be taken into account when choosing furniture for a children’s bedroom.

Most of the children’s bedrooms are furnished in a casual way. However, you can also decorate the nursery in an official style. To do this, you need to buy furniture in a classic style, you can even stylized antique. Put a nice, comfortable crib. Make curtains for windows out of fabric that you would hang in an adult room, but let them have funny children’s patterns or pictures on them. Keep in mind the practical needs of your baby, but do not forget about the need to create a fun, whimsical, even fabulous atmosphere.

It is better not to put on walls and furniture and images like bunnies and ballerinas, but to develop a “children’s” theme in furnishings that will be easier to replace in the future: on bed linen, illustrations hung on the wall. Paint of unusual colors, fabrics with a classic pattern: striped, floral or checkered, can be used throughout the room at any of the three stages of decoration, since they do not have to be changed as the child grows.

Or maybe you want the room to look different at every stage of your child’s development, every time you equip the nursery anew is a very pleasant activity. The choice is up to you and your kids.

Furniture should be placed along the walls so that in the middle of the room there is as much free space as possible where you can run and jump without fear of crashing into anything.

It should be convenient to move around the room. Doorways and window sills should not be cluttered. Be sure to think of an evacuation route in case of fire.

An ordinary bed can be decorated with fabric and turned into a bed in a formal style or into a luxurious bed. You can even make something like a canopy by hanging a curtain to the ceiling. Furniture with laminated, plastic and painted surfaces is extremely durable.

Two-storey beds and drawers for linen will help you save space.

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