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Space saving: corner sofa

So, the corner of the living room. What should be placed here, which element will be appropriate, useful and aesthetic in such conditions? Immediately a pot of flowers or a vase, a bookcase comes to mind. Here you can put fishing rods, here you can punish a child who is too naughty. However, no matter how you look at it, the most convenient option is a sofa. But before you go to the store, you need to familiarize yourself with some recommendations and tips on how best to choose this sofa model. Admittedly, this task is not trivial.

Different sofas are equipped with the same transformation mechanisms. There are models of accordions and Euro-books on the market, a lot of clamshells. Hypertransformers have become fashionable lately. Here almost everything can be unbent and bent, folded. Corner sofas differ from the usual ones in that a rather impressive storage box for various things is necessarily arranged in the side section.

If we consider typical corner sofas and estimate their size, it begins to seem to many that manufacturers are sure that most of the buyers live in truly royal apartments. The standard length of the product varies from 230 cm to 280, the width is most often in the range of 150-180 cm. If the apartment is small, then it seems, how can such a colossus fit in it at all? So, before you go to the store to poke there with your finger at the model you like, which will then be brought home, you need to study the dimensions of the apartment especially carefully. The place where you have to put a brand-new sofa, you need to measure it very accurately in advance. In addition, you need to study how large the doorways are, so that it does not happen that the handsome sofa has attracted you, there is enough space for it, but it does not pass through the door – well, absolutely not!

Corner sofas are models that have a wide range of advantages. They compare favorably with a set of chairs and a sofa, which is much more often seen in a city apartment. The corner sofa is a carefully thought–out geometry of the product, which is why the space is used with the highest efficiency. This applies equally to the living room, and to the kitchen or study. A corner sofa is also an excellent tool for dividing space into zones. It is difficult to find such furniture that could be placed in a corner so that it would also be useful, but a corner sofa completely solves this problem. Using such a model immediately increases the number of seats in the room.

A corner sofa can be placed in absolutely any room, but it must be done correctly. If you choose such a product for the kitchen, thereby you can effectively save the area of the room. This is an opportunity to get another sleeping place, if you prefer a folding corner for the kitchen. But when the room is spacious enough, you can afford two sofas here, and put them in the corners opposite each other at the same time. As interior designers say, such a solution is most convenient when numerous guests often gather.

It is very, very difficult to make a decision in favor of some corner sofa, since there are a huge number of different models on the market. There are made in the form of letters P, you can buy a sofa of complex geometry. There are such models that have the shape of an angle, while the sides are both different and the same. There are composite models, that is, those where the sofa has separate elements. All of them can be used independently, and not only in combination with the center of the composition. Universal – such corner sofas, in which both sides can be used with equal efficiency. These are products whose tail is mounted by the owners themselves, you can put it on either side of the main seat. Therefore, the sofa can be in any corner of the room and move as needed.

The mobile corner is especially convenient when it comes to a small apartment. Each of the elements has roller wheels, which allows you to easily move the element within the room. For a day, you can separate individual elements even into different rooms, but by night you can put them back together in a sleeping place – and it will be soft to sleep on it, it will be spacious enough.

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