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One of the most important places of an apartment or house is the bedroom. It is often protected from outside eyes, but the interior is chosen as carefully as in other rooms. This is explained by the fact that a huge part of one’s own life is spent here. To save space and complement the bedroom with an elegant and unique design, you can use a podium bed. It will fit well in a large hall or a children’s room, it will fit even in a small or one-room apartment. These are combinations of beauty with convenience.

A podium bed is the best choice for a bedroom

Recently, the podium bed has been gaining huge popularity in interior design. This practical invention will help to transform and update the view inside the bedroom in an original way. With the help of a bed, it is possible to conceal communications and household items. There are a large number of options for podiums under the bed. They vary in height and width, come with a horizontal wardrobe for clothes, drawers, steps.

In a spacious room of a large size, double beds-podiums are ideal. They will focus on the most basic attribute of furniture and the usual bedroom interior will come to life. You can also arrange creative podiums or other design developments so that the interior gets a unique appearance.

For people living in one-room or small-sized apartments, the choice of a podium bed will be the perfect solution. The presence of this product will destroy the boundaries of space and visually increase the size of the bedroom.

In the part of the room where there is a podium, you can place a TV and a comfortable bag chair. This will make a good recreation area. But in the case of installing a podium with a pull-out bed, such an area will take the form of a bedroom. The catwalk bed option is considered the most versatile.

Children’s room with a podium

The children’s room, in which there is a podium, looks very stylish and harmonious. Its advantages will be noticed not only by parents, but also by the child. If the choice of the foundation is made intelligently, then it is possible to create a good playing area. A roll-out bed-podium is perfect for decorating the room. It has a simple construction made of lightweight materials, which contributes to the development of independence in children. The kid will be able to unfold or fold the bed without outside support, and then play with dolls, constructors and other toys.

The presence of drawers inside the podium will allow you to hide all the things of the child and the need to place an additional chest of drawers or closet will simply disappear. Visually, it looks like a wardrobe-bed with great functionality.

An idea with the arrangement will also be needed when designing a room for several children.

If the child does not have his own room and he has to live with the rest of the family, then the podium will help prepare a nursery in the corner of the room. A table with a personal computer, shelves and cabinets can be placed at the top, and a pull-out bed can be easily hidden at the bottom. It is allowed to supplement such a system with stairs, steps and other various devices.

Now many companies offer services for creating podiums. There are a lot of design varieties, so it will not be difficult to choose the desired headset. In addition, someone from friends or relatives, endowed with imagination and skill, will be able to independently make a podium for the nursery.

Hand-made bed-podium

Many people dream of interior changes in the bedroom or children’s room, but often postpone repairs for later, as they have difficulties with the budget. Nowadays, this problem is not difficult to solve with the help of a podium bed, which can be made with your own hands. The manufacturing process is not difficult at all, the main thing is to observe accuracy and have a concrete idea of what you want.

First, decide on the place where the bed will be located, and then – with the required height. This is an important point, because a huge podium requires an appropriate design, which will significantly reduce the free space in the room.

Usually the basis is made with chipboard and wooden furniture boards. Next, a frame is erected from longitudinal and transverse ribs, and then it is fixed to the walls and covered with chipboard slabs.

The upholstery of the podium is most often carried out with carpet – an easy-to-care material that takes on various forms. The color of the structure can be painted to match the floor or make it contrasting. It is only necessary to put a comfortable mattress and make it a beautiful bed, as a unique bed will be ready for use.

If you want a complex podium system with a variety of devices (drawers, pull-out bed, folding doors), it is better to call a specialist. He will calculate all the technical aspects and help to create an impeccable design in the room.

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