Charming old motifs in the kitchen interior

Provence style in the interior

Provence is a famous region in the south of France, stretching along the Mediterranean coast. This style has absorbed all the colors and smells of Provence: lavender fields, sunflower plantations, turquoise sea, blue sky, aromas of almonds, pines and eucalyptus. And all this is reflected in the beautiful Provence style, which is essentially the same country style, but with regional characteristics. It is quite difficult to create a Provence style in a city apartment: it involves a lot of sun, light, smells and the most delicate shades, as if highlighted by the midday heat of the south of France. This style is characterized by light blue, olive, lavender, beige and yellow colors.

The texture of the walls is very important in the design of the Provencal interior: they should resemble roughly plastered walls of a village house or glued beams, you can look at such walls on the website of manufacturers of glued beams. The design of the walls is dominated by light colors, which often contrast with the beams of the ceilings, traditionally made of dark wood. Another option for wall decoration can be fabric wallpaper with a small floral pattern.

The Provence-style floor is decorated with wooden boards or ceramic tiles in brown or terracotta tones. It is customary to lay homespun carpets made of natural wool on the floor. Upholstered furniture is often decorated with covers with a traditional Provencal pattern – flowers. Flowers can be bright or pastel colors, large or small. They must be present on textiles, whether curtains, bedspreads, bed linen or pillows. The Provencal interior is dominated by natural fabrics – chintz, linen and cotton.

The windows are decorated with curtains made of light light fabric, and the window sill is necessarily decorated with flowers. There should be a lot of flowers in the Provencal interior: on tables, shelves and consoles. At the same time, flowers can be combined with porcelain dishes, vases, figurines and napkins.

Furniture can be wooden or wicker, often artificially aged and worn. Spacious wardrobes and dressers, massive tables, cozy chairs – Provencal-style furniture is functional and practical. Forged products can become a real highlight of the house: fireplace grilles, headboards, table legs and candlesticks will fit perfectly into the interior.

The main space in the Provencal house is the kitchen. Its walls are decorated with masonry made of natural stone or brick of light natural shades. A decorative fireplace, most often lined with brick with glaze, will give a special charm to Provencal cuisine. The mantelpiece is decorated with cute ceramic trinkets and bundles of dried Provencal herbs that will fill the whole kitchen with a unique aroma.

The Provencal cuisine is characterized by ceiling beams made of dark wood, made to match the furniture. The whole kitchen is filled with cupboards, dressers, shelves and chests. The main kitchen accessories are wicker baskets, checkered tablecloths and earthenware dishes with a floral pattern.

The Provencal style is complicated in execution, but it, like no other style, reflects all the beauty of nature.