Extractor hood for your kitchen

Extractor hood for your kitchen

The hood is designed to purify the air in the room, for example, the removal of cooking odors over the stove in the kitchen where you cook food. This article will help you choose the best and most suitable option, among the variety of kitchen hoods that are presented on the shelves.

Air purification method

A hood of any type draws air with the help of a motor, which determines how effective the air purification in the room will be. And, of course, the noise level depends on the motor. According to the method of air purification, all hoods, both corner hoods and hoods that are placed on a straight wall, are divided into two types, which we will consider below:

1. Circulatory – in this form of hoods, the descendant of air passes through carbon filters that purify the air from odors and combustion products, soot particles and fat.Gorenje But since filters interfere with the free flow of air, such hoods are sometimes not productive enough. Filters cannot be cleaned, they need to be replaced in a timely manner. Such hoods do not need an air duct, because they are easily installed in any part of the room, without remaining tied to the ventilation system of the building. It should be noted that this is a rather noisy option, which can create some inconvenience.

2. Flow-through – such hoods require a ventilation system in the building, as they remove polluted air through the duct into the ventilation, and then outside. In some models of such hoods, additional filters are provided that will protect the air duct from the settling of soot and grease particles. Such filters need to be washed as needed. In the absence of such filters, you will have to manually wash the surfaces of the cleaning system in a timely manner. Such hoods are the most productive, but the quality of air purification directly depends on the well-thought-out arrangement and arrangement of the air duct.


Among other things, the hood must be made of high-quality materials. Most often, the hoods are made of stainless steel, which will not react chemically with any substance released during cooking. Such a hood is easy to wash and you can not be afraid of scratching. Also, experts advise the option of a painted hood. The best choice would be the powder type of coloring, in which, thanks to a special powder paint, the strength increases.

Hood size

The size of the hood should be chosen based on the size of your kitchen stove. You need to choose either the same size or larger in order to prevent fumes and gorenje products from getting past the hood on the ceiling and on everything around. If you choose the right design, then a hood of any size will look organically in any kitchen interior.


The output power should be chosen based on the expected activity of its use. The best option for a small family will be a hood with an air intake speed of about 600 cubic meters per hour. If you cook actively and often, then you will need a hood of about 1000 cubic meters per hour.


If you choose the right hood for you, it will save you from unpleasant odors, protect your furniture, and most importantly, your health from the negative effects of gorenje products and other substances released during cooking. Guided by our article, you will be able to make the right and appropriate choice, good luck!

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