Discover the boho style

Discover the boho style

Some consider it eccentric, going beyond the normal, others — a flight of fancy inherent only in creatively gifted people. In any case, a cool boho look is something special!

Recently, the word boho can increasingly be heard from the mouths of famous designers, although this style cannot be called new. Watching the clothes of film stars, people of art and show business, one can note the casual elegance inherent in this style.

Boho style presupposes a certain freedom, emancipation, creativity and looseness in clothes, it combines several trends: folk, hippie, vintage, grunge, ethno, military and even elements of gypsy clothing.

By the way, it owes its origin to the word bohemiens, which means “Bohemians” in French, i.e. inhabitants of Bohemia. In the Middle Ages, Gypsies lived in this region of the Czech Republic, known for their nomadic, unsettled life, as well as an unstoppable desire for freedom.

Since the beginning of the XIX century, this term came into use first in French, and then took root in other languages and began to serve to denote the belonging of people to the creative environment of actors, poets, singers, musicians, whose life was equated with the life of gypsies.

Boho is a flight of fancy.

Fans of boho-style clothing are distinguished by originality and individuality. Adherents of this style talk about it with some breath, although there are quite a lot of opponents of it. Those who do not accept this style, sometimes consider it eccentric, going beyond the normal.

In the boho style, as in no other, a person’s creative abilities, his individuality, his unconventionality can manifest themselves. Despite the fact that boho-chic does not fit into a certain framework, it is worth noting some of its features:

  • The effect of “cabbage” is a combination in one outfit of several layers consisting of clothes of different lengths.
  • The addition of the image with a scarf, hat, or scarf, which add even more bohemian to the image.
  • The use of unusual prints and colors in clothing, embroidery, folk ornament or pattern in the ethno style.
  • A combination of materials of different texture in one outfit, for example, delicate lace and coarse wool.
  • The presence of flounces, frills, fringes, lace in clothes.
  • An abundance of massive jewelry, often handmade, giving an outrageous image.
  • Shoes are mostly flat-soled, high heels are unacceptable.

We are putting together an image in the boho-chic style.

As already noted, this style is inherent in creative people with unlimited imagination, breaking out of the framework into which age or certain fashion trends are trying to drive them.

The freedom and emancipation inherent in these people allow you to create, combining a wide variety of clothes and accessories, mind-blowing combinations. Let ‘s give as an example some of these images:

  • long skirt, graphic print T-shirt, gladiator sandals, vest and wide-brimmed hat;
  • flared jeans, complemented by a tunic and platform sandals, complete with massive jewelry in ethno style and a shoulder bag, will create a memorable image. Flared jeans are well combined with a loose-fitting sweater, under which a T-shirt is worn;
  • frayed skinny jeans combined with a loose knitted jumper and neutral-colored boots, as well as a “hippie” rim are exactly what will create a free independent image;
  • a short corduroy or leather skirt, a cardigan of “rustic” large knitting, comfortable flat shoes that do not fit the ankles;
  • a long floor-length dress with a geometric bright print or a romantic, floral pattern in pastel colors, gladiator sandals, an abundance of costume jewelry for the evening. During the day, you can wear a denim vest with the dress;
  • an oversize lace knitted sweater worn on top of a floral print dress, knee-high boots, a thin strap, a voluminous knitted scarf will create another boho-chic look

Put on a plain white T-shirt with skinny jeans, add a bright scarf with ethnic or floral ornaments, sneakers with a massive sole, a bag with fringe, an African necklace – and a cool boho-style look is ready.

When creating clothes in the boho-chic style, it is important not to cross that fine line, beyond which, instead of the expected image, you can get a ridiculous freaky image, which, instead of admiration, will cause confusion among others, and eventually rejection.

To avoid such a situation, either an innate sense of taste will help, or, if there is a desire to dress in a similar style, learn it by getting acquainted with how boho-chic images are created by famous fashion designers or famous popular people.

From whom can I learn how to create models in the boho style

See photos, get acquainted with fashion shows of fashion designers, discover the collections of the prestigious Florentine Fashion House Emilio Pucci. The models developed by the designers of the brand are the personification of creative freedom, bohemian luxury.

Florentine patterns on light dresses and suede jackets, fringed capes and suede boots, beads and beautiful lace on catwalk models won the hearts of many famous fashionistas, among whom Rihanna was noticed.

The queen of outrageous, the Englishwoman Vivienne Westwood, is also a fan of the boho style. Interesting are the works in this direction by Norwegian Peter Dundas, a talented fashion designer who first represented the fashion house Emilio Pucci, and then Roberto Cavalli. Now it is difficult to find an eminent designer who would not use boho-chic elements in his models.

Roberto Cavalli, Kenzo, Dolce and Gabbana, Anna Molinari and a number of other celebrities create models in this style. Familiarity with their work will tell you in which direction you need to move to create your own unique image, as did famous actors Johnny Depp, English supermodel and actress Kate Moss, Helena Bonham Carter and other recognized icons of boho-chic.

Discover the boho style

Discover the boho style