Colonial style in the interior

The concept of style in the interior

Interior design is based on the creation of a set of features, techniques for visualizing aesthetic preferences and ideas, creating an artistic and ideological community in the design of premises.

The concept of design also includes the idea of functionality, which naturally includes the creation of physical comfort, the convenience of using spaces and objects, the formation of a living environment based on the interaction of aesthetic and functional details of the interior decoration of premises.

In the process of creating the interior, several historically established styles are used, which have absorbed the main features and design concepts that were formed in certain epochs under the influence of the culture of civilization. By the way, cottage settlements are often being built now, it takes a very long time to choose an interior, because it is very difficult to choose one for each house.

The interior is created on the basis of a design project that follows the provisions of one of the styles, or involves the creation of a combination of features and techniques inherent in different styles, in a harmonious combination of aesthetics and functionality.

In developing the concept of the interior, you can choose the way to create a separate interior for each of the rooms or the way to combine all the interiors into a single stylistic space. The choice is up to the owner, however, the designer must bring the wishes of the owner in line with the possibilities and stylistic directions.

Depending on the social status and marital status, we all do repairs or redevelopment of an apartment or house. Only now it has become more accessible to all classes of society. A rich man will invite the best and most famous artists and interior designers to his apartments for the most unique and exclusive design.

A person of average social status should seek help from an interior studio, where they will help him choose a simpler interior design. And a poor person from an ordinary family with the help of free programs on the Internet can create the cheapest and exclusive interior design with beautiful handmade accessories and cheap decor.

The beauty and elegance of the design does not depend on expensive furniture and golden plumbing, you just need to be able to harmoniously combine the beauty and comfort of the design. Sometimes, at first glance, a simple room with vinyl wallpaper and handmade vases and floor lamps will look more cozy and unique than a palace with gold stucco and huge paintings like in a museum, where you will feel uncomfortable. Comfort lies in the fact that all things furniture have their rightful place (regardless of whether they are expensive or not).

Today it is very easy to choose the right style of interior that you prefer and like, the most important thing is not to overdo it in jewelry, there should be harmony and neatness in everything. There are different styles of interior design for different types of people.

For intellectual people and history lovers, there is the Empire style – a very solemn ceremonial style with a rich decor with bronze or gilded ornaments, appeared in our country at the beginning of the XIX century, something even very imitates the luxury and chic of the Roman Empire.

For ardent lovers of ceiling stucco and classicism, the English style with its restrained decor and cool colors is suitable. This style is for aristocratic people who are very calm and balanced. Mostly antique items, paintings, mirrors and books serve as decorations. Gothic style is for eccentric and extraordinary people who love sophistication and a riot of colors. This is the harmony of ancient objects and modern technology.

A very popular Art Nouveau style is beauty and grace, there are practically no basic rules and the main thing is that it should be unique and beautiful. These are not all styles that people and designers have come up with over time. The most important thing is to have taste and appreciate beauty.

Colonial style in the interior

Colonial style in the interior