Potter 's Wheel

How to open a pottery workshop

The initial investment in a small pottery workshop is about $ 10-15 thousand. To produce pottery yourself, you will need a room of about 50 m2, a small warehouse (20 m2 is enough) for storing finished clay products, an oven in which clay will be baked, a machine that will knead it, special scales to carry out the dosage of clay mass, as well as a traditional potter’s wheel. For the production of various refrigerator magnets or original photo frames, you can use forms.


Potter ‘s Wheel

To begin with, it is necessary to knead clay, each individual product requires a certain grade: red, white, with admixtures of sand or limestone, etc. After the final kneading, it is laid out in equal portions directly on a circle or stucco board. After acquiring the desired appearance of the product, it is allowed to dry a little, after which it is sent to the oven.

Naturally, sculpting yourself is a unique pleasure, but it is quite difficult to sculpt, burn and simultaneously engage in advertising, sales, as well as accounting issues.
Therefore, the best option would be to hire assistants. It should be a couple of people, each of whom will perform a specific function assigned to him. As a rule, it takes an hour and a half to make, say, one ordinary pot, with assistants this indicator can significantly decrease.

Sources of income.

Standard template products should be sold to wholesalers. Try to discuss this issue with the owners of souvenir shops, retail chains or supermarkets.
In order to occupy a certain niche in the market, it is necessary to supply some souvenir chain with about 1000 units of products per batch, this also needs to be taken into account and compared with its real production capacities.

You can also organize training courses on modeling, because many people dream of making some kind of vase or jug with their own hands.
It is also possible to make clay products to order. It can be original tableware, promotional souvenirs, various elements for interior decoration.
If you successfully optimize this business for the client and conduct it competently, the profitability of your pottery workshop can reach sky-high percentages, and your business, in addition to colossal pleasure, will also bring far from small money.

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