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Let’s talk about home saunas. Now mini-saunas are available, which can be easily installed even in a small apartment, it will not take up much space and serves as it should, besides it is not inferior to its big brothers in any way. If you have your own house or cottage, you can build an extension in which you can arrange a sauna or a Russian bathhouse. I would like to note that the effect of visiting a home sauna is completely in no way inferior to the result of visiting a large sauna.


If you are still a fan of visiting a sauna in a large campaign, then a home sauna will be small for you. We recommend the sauna on Volzhsky Boulevard, full service for your pleasure!

In some houses there are large bathrooms, it is in them that it is most convenient to have home saunas, they consist mainly of panels, so it will not be difficult to place them in any room, even in the pantry, corridor or directly in the bedroom. But it’s still more convenient in the bathroom, I went to the shower, then I sweated properly in the mini-steam room and again in the shower, beauty and that’s all.

The choice of a home sauna.

Have you decided to arrange a sauna at home? I do not dispute that it is comfortable and necessary, especially for those who get tired and overexert themselves at work, the best way to relieve fatigue and stress is to warm up and steam up properly. And it is certainly better if all this can be done at home, without hiking in rented saunas. The choice of compact, home mini-saunas is huge at the moment. You have probably already picked up the installation location, now you should think about the design, they are just square and rectangular, as well as angular, but there are also hexagonal ones. The design of the saunas is different, there can only be a transparent door, and you can order the entire sauna made of glass. The interior decoration is also different, the decoration can be made of different wood, respectively, and the appearance also depends on the choice of different types of wood. Next, you should pick up all the heating units, it goes without saying that in the apartment you do not want to heat the sauna with firewood, so you should carefully choose electric heaters. When choosing any components, contact the specialists, entrust the installation to them too.

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