Bathroom decor

Bathroom decor with your own hands

What should be the decor of the bathroom so that it is pleasant to be there? Photos, pictures and drawings on the Internet offer many solutions. But which ones are right for you? We have prepared solutions especially for you. Dive in!

1. Hide everything superfluous

When you saw the bathroom decor in the photo in Khrushchev with your own hands, you definitely noticed perfect cleanliness: no jars with shampoos, creams, gels, paints! The first and main secret of space is cleanliness. Don’t “clog up” the already tiny centimeters in the bathroom with a bunch of little things.

2. Choose one stylistic direction

You go into the bathroom and see the typical signs of high-tech: a minimalistic glass sink, cabinets with clear lines, lighting under a stretch ceiling … And suddenly among all this you see a strange “spot”: the hostess decided to complement the bathroom decor in Khrushchev with crocheted napkins! Here is such a “hello from the USSR” and appeared on the mirror. To avoid such incidents, decorate the room in the same style.

3. Bathroom decor with photos and paintings

You go into the bathroom, and there you are greeted by a juicy photo from the beach… You immediately plunge into the atmosphere of rest and relaxation, you remember the days spent under the scorching sun … Beautifully hung paintings and photographs can fill a room with emotions that are so lacking in life.

BUT! When decorating with paintings and photographs, take care of their high-quality “packaging”: otherwise, under the influence of moisture, beautiful “drawings” will become scary.

4. Bathroom decor in Khrushchev panel

A panel made of shells, pebbles and pebbles brought from the sea, created with a soul, can become the heart of the interior. All you have to do is find a basis for works of art, good glue and “beauty” brought from warm countries.

5. Tiles and finishing materials

When you look at the bathroom decor with tiles in the photo, you immediately understand the importance of choosing a finishing material. Therefore, even at the design and planning stage of repair work, decide on color solutions.

The trend of the year is green plants in the bathroom (and not only in it). There are a lot of options for design and decoration in Khrushchev, Stalinka, Brezhnev or a chic country house. Come to our website: our designers will share the best ideas!

Bathroom decor

Bathroom decor