Bedroom interior

Directions in apartment and house design

Fashion always dictates the rules that need to be followed. Every time new achievements of technological progress appear, material prosperity and culture increase.

People – individuals, intellectuals and aristocrats – are becoming freer and bolder. Undoubtedly, everyone chooses their own conditions of existence and adheres to their own particular style. But still, humanity must use the exceptional opportunities of modern life.

Wealth and luxury.

Nowadays, luxury dominates in interior fashion. But now it is complemented by new technologies: nanotechnology, LEDs, stereolithography, printing from digital media. Large and even giant pieces of furniture and decor are quite relevant.

Among the attributes of luxury, the most popular are: engraving, glitter, carving, stucco, antique patina. Such new interior styles as eclecticism and fusion are in great demand, which are represented by various textures, objects, style solutions and even cultures.

“Art Deco”, “Baroque” and “Gothic” are back in fashion, but in a mixed, reinterpreted, transformed form.

Unusual chandeliers on an ascetic background are popular. In upholstered furniture items, preference is given to “kapitone” – a stitch with decorative rhinestones or buttons. Sofas, armchairs, beds resemble the design of a throne. In favor – oppositions and contrasts: antiquity combined with ultramodern, wealth against the background of ruin. Computer design has become a fairly noticeable trend recently: complex applications, graffiti and ornaments.

Decorative items and ethnos.

Objects of decorative and applied art made by hand are revered. History and geography, yoga and Buddhism, as well as the culture of distant ethnic groups and countries are becoming more relevant. People are increasingly traveling around the world and bringing amazing souvenirs and trophies. Natural objects have become more frequently used in homes.

Ecomebel, eco decor, and all this is perforated, transparent, natural and woven. Wildlife enters houses and country cottages in the form of floral combinations, executed with elegant and delicate taste. The real revelation of the design was untreated wood without polishing and paints.

Color combinations in the interior.

Monochrome, natural green colors and all shades of gray are relevant. Shades of lavender and violets are used as an accent.

Bedroom interior

Bedroom interior