Wall decoration

Wall decoration options

The main role in the interior for any room is occupied by its decor and decoration. But no matter how chic the furniture and accessories are, gray walls will spoil the overall perception.

At the same time, there will be a feeling of an unfinished interior. But we are able to finish the design to the end by choosing one of the wall decoration options suitable for your room.

Different decor for different rooms

1. Decorating the walls of different rooms is understood to be different.. So you can use a stone for the kitchen. In this example, you can use only a part of the wall, for example, in the vicinity of the door, or the lunch area. This will give a little rustic comfort.

Decorative ceramic tiles, allows you to lay out various compositions and is a universal solution for wall decoration. If we use a broken ceramic tile, we get an analogue of a mosaic.

By installing glass panels, we will get the best option for creating a modern design. They have a wide selection.

2. Bedroom wall decor. Here it is worth considering that the materials should be hygienically normal, for example wood or textile wallpaper.

The use of vinyl stickers will give us a pattern, a general composition that is cut out on a film with an adhesive base. Their cost is low and very affordable.

You can also combine wallpapers of the same type with different ornaments.

Using a fabric with a stylish image will be the most unusual and original option, you can also use leather.

3. The living room is rightfully the face of the apartment and it should be liked not only by its owners, but also by their guests, so the design of its walls should be done with great enthusiasm. And so you can use bold solutions in it, we can diversify it to the maximum.

Stucco is a relief decoration made of foam or gypsum. Perfect for decorating the walls in the living room in a classic style.

By applying graffiti on the wall, using special paints based on a sketch or stencil, we will create an interesting composition.

Let’s not forget about the frescoes, they will help to achieve comfort and warmth in the room.

Wall decor for different rooms has its own differences, but they all serve for one thing: creating an excellent design that fits into the overall interior. “It is difficult to create a standard list of types of wall decoration in different rooms, but the above are the most relevant and most commonly used.” In addition to cardinal solutions, you can use decorative elements for walls, which will help to diversify the overall look. For example, a picture with a beautiful frame, or an antique clock.