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Sectional gate

Sectional doors have long proven themselves on the positive side, primarily because of the excellent functionality.

They are convenient to use, as the sections are very compact. What can not be said about other types of gates. And if they have automation, then they can be opened without leaving the car. Gates equipped with automation also have locks with a high degree of reliability. Such gates slowly change their state. As mentioned above, they save a lot of space. So you don’t have to clean up in front of the garage every day. In addition, they always have an excellent appearance, have an interesting texture. All sectional doors are distinguished by a well-thought-out design. You do not need to paint the garage once again, you can order a gate with a ready-made pattern. The paint that is applied to the gate will last for many years.

They are ideal for a private home. They can be installed in any openings. By installing such gates, you will increase the size of the passage. There will never be any trouble with such gates. In addition to these qualities, they are distinguished by safety.


There are several basic types of gates. For example, solid gates made of sandwich panels. These gates perfectly keep warm even in winter. Thanks to the special design, they warm up well, and the garage retains a plus temperature. You do not need to additionally insulate the garage if there are such gates on it.

These gates are easy to operate. They rise and fall well. In recent years, sandwich panel gates have become very popular in the world. The garage on which such gates stand is perfectly protected. They will serve you for many years.


If you are not satisfied with the sandwich panel gates for some reason, then you will like another option. For example, a gate that has one or more windows. Thanks to the windows in the garage there is always natural light and you can always see what is happening on the street.

It is possible that this option is not yours either. Then choose the simplest one. If you do not need a lifting gate made of panels, a gate may be suitable. Many garage owners will agree with this opinion.


Good gates cannot be made of cheap materials. Our gates are always made of high-grade steel and covered with a special coating. They meet the highest quality standards. The panel moves smoothly. A special seal protects the room from dampness and retains heat well. Universal gates can be installed in any room, regardless of width and height. The work on their installation will take only a few hours.


Our gates are designed in such a way that it is impossible to catch on them, cut or scratch the car. They never move spontaneously. In their production, springs with an increased resource are used, which do not allow the gate to move spontaneously. They also ensure the ease of the gate when opening and closing. To prevent any injury, the gate is equipped with a locking system, in case the canvas was damaged or broke. In addition, the materials from which they are made, despite their lightness, have good rigidity and are not subject to deformation. An additional advantage in terms of security is the low weight of sectional doors. They can be easily opened by anyone without much effort. The drive is located under the ceiling. For greater security, you can install a special tracking system in the garage. Our gates are popular because they are safe, reliable and extremely easy to operate.

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