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How to choose a functional and reliable wardrobe?

The frequent change of seasons requires a variety of things. For hot days, rainy weather, windy or cold. Clothes, shoes, umbrellas, hats, scarves, all this should have its own storage place. Consumer goods and designer items need to be placed in a secluded place. Then entering the house, you will be greeted with comfort, order. What will help bring these desires to life? The wardrobe will help you.

The wardrobe is very comfortable furniture. It is appropriate anywhere in your home:

  • in the bedroom, it will take up a minimum of space and will not create unnecessary noise,
  • in the living room, complete with other furniture, it will be convenient,
  • in the dressing room he will play the role of commander-in-chief,
  • in the nursery he will not create dangerous situations,
  • in the office he will hide everything from prying eyes, create a business style,
  • in the bathroom he will save a lot of space and hide intimate things from prying eyes.

The design of the wardrobe in any version is executed, has its advantages.


The wardrobe can have both large sizes and compact. Their design allows them to fit in niches, recesses. In this case, very necessary free meters and centimeters are released. Wardrobe they can have from one to four sliding doors. The doors are lightweight, but tightly fitted to the body. They are durable and aesthetic at the same time. Cabinets are roomy, if you use the depth of the product, convenient to use.

The corners are very convenient, they allow you to take into account every centimeter of the apartment area, sometimes to hide the shortcomings of the building.

Built-in wardrobes, not only save space, create a single complex and comfort in space.

An irreplaceable wardrobe in the hallway. A custom-made wardrobe will fit into the space reserved for it and will close many things necessary in everyday life from the eyes, if you provide a place for them:

  • outerwear, seasonal;
  • seasonal shoes;
  • seasonal hats;
  • gloves, mittens, scarves;
  • a vacuum cleaner;
  • ironing board, baby stroller, baby sled;
  • folding bicycle for children;
  • boxes for small things.

It is convenient to use the wardrobe for very skillful handles:

— sewing machine;

— overlog;

— sewing accessories;

— fabrics;

— patterns;

— embroidery accessories;

— knitting supplies.

Think over and bring to life a wardrobe, taking into account all your wishes and requirements of life situations. Everything will be compactly located, and the appearance of your living quarters will only benefit in cleanliness, comfort.

Mirrored wardrobe doors make the space visually wider, continue the room, reflect light and it becomes brighter.

Doors can be combined, patterned, trimmed with fabric. Designers work in such a way that any desire and request of a potential buyer will be satisfied.

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