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How to choose the right office furniture

It is known that a person spends most of his time on work, and this time should be spent efficiently. And many factors affect the efficiency of work, and one of them, very important, is the working conditions, in particular office furniture, which is divided into cabinet (cabinets, tables) and soft (sofas, chairs, etc.)

When choosing furniture, you need to be guided by the following criteria:

1. Furniture should be strong and durable, as it will be used more intensively and less carefully than at home. It should be designed for a long service life, for several years at least.

2. It should be ergonomic. Furniture should correspond to height, and therefore be height-adjustable, and comfortable, so that the employee thinks about work while working, and not about his own back.

3. She should be beautiful. A beautiful and modern design will add solidity and attractiveness to your office and will have a beneficial effect on the overall impression of the company. How this is achieved, ask the designers. It is worth choosing more versatile models that are suitable for premises of various purposes.

4. Office furniture should be universal. It is clear that it should be neutral in color, in no case flashy tones, even if it is the designer’s office. Believe me, a long and frequent stay in a room with irritating factors is very traumatic. The recommended colors are achromatic gamma, black, white, gray, as well as colors of pastel shades, beige, blue, ochre, light brown. If you lack a bright spot in the office, hang a picture.

5. It should be affordable. It is clear that everyone proceeds from their financial capabilities, however, a bias both in one direction and in the other may not have the best effect on the image.

6. There is an unspoken rule that furniture is chosen taking into account the profile of the activity and the level of employees in the hierarchical ladder of the company, however, it is not worth saving on furniture for employees, remembering that a miser pays twice. Take reasonable care of the staff and they will respond to you with loyalty.

7. Furniture should be constructive. What does it mean? First you buy a small set of furniture. Then you expand, install new office equipment, and buy new furniture that should fit into the existing environment.

8. The supplier should be chosen with a reserve for the future. It is clear that preference should be given to those who have proven themselves well in the market, provide delivery and installation, and also have development plans for the future.

Adhere to these rules when choosing the environment for your office, and work will bring you not a headache and health problems, but comfort and pleasure.

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