Unusual wallpapers

Unusual wallpapers

Unusual wallpapers are the fantasies of designers inspired by ideas from the past and adapted to the conditions of modernity.

After reading the article, you may find among the novelties what you were looking for.

Natural wallpaper

The basis of natural wallpaper is flazeline or paper. The surface of the wallpaper can be decorated with various plant materials (bamboo lamellas, plant shoots, veneer from valuable tree species, etc.).The wallpaper does not contain harmful substances and is environmentally friendly and absorbs various sounds well. The disadvantages of wallpaper include their ability to absorb odors well.

Textile Wallpaper

The basis of textile wallpaper can be jute cloth, non-woven fabric, polymer materials or paper. Wallpaper can be thread or fabric.

The surface of the thread wallpaper consists of vertically arranged threads that create the effect of a continuous surface, sometimes a pattern is applied to them by printing. The top layer of fabric wallpaper can be felt, denim, linen, cotton, etc.

Surfaces covered with such wallpaper have increased thermal insulation and sound insulation.


These unusual wallpapers are made of jute, rice paper, bamboo, straw, algae or leaves and are usually used in decorating cabinets, decorating rooms and individual surfaces.

To facilitate the care of such wallpaper, they are impregnated with dust-repellent and other special compounds.

Metal Wallpaper

The basis for such wallpaper is porous paper, and the decorative coating is a thin layer of aluminum foil. Metal powders, chemicals or electrical insulating paints and varnishes are used to apply the pattern.

Metal wallpaper is an ideal option for protection from listening, extraneous noise, radiation from power plants and electromagnetic waves and is used for decoration of meeting rooms, home theaters and other premises.

Stone Wallpaper

Frescoes made of quartz with a mineral coating based on non-woven material may contain various drawings or historical subjects.

Stone wallpaper is supplied in rolls and is used for finishing both small areas and giant walls. The finished surfaces look like a stone wall decorated with paintings.

Extravagant wallpaper

These wallpapers are canvases that are made by hand and copy plaster, natural leather or other materials.

Using original and newfangled wallpapers, you can solve a whole range of issues: luxuriously decorate the premises of your home, protect yourself from harmful radiation and extraneous noise, create a normal microclimate and much more.

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