Furniture with glass elements

Glass in a modern interior

Furniture with glass elements looks very attractive and fits perfectly into any interior. It does not interfere with the view and does not clutter up the room.

Glass is an environmentally friendly material, so it can be used in the interior of any room, regardless of its purpose. In addition, glass elements ennoble and decorate furniture, making it more elegant.

Glass is used in the manufacture of furniture sets for the living room, bedroom, dining room, hallway, kitchen, bathroom, as well as for office space. A particularly popular piece of glass furniture is a glass table. This table has a very attractive appearance and harmoniously fits into the interior of the living room or kitchen. Small glass tables (coffee tables) can be installed in the bedroom, study or library.

Glass tables are made according to a special technique, due to which they have increased resistance to loads and shocks (it is very difficult to break such a glass table). Countertops for such tables can be made of different types of glass – transparent, painted, frosted, patterned, and so on.

Now it is very fashionable to decorate a room with wooden objects decorated with glass. In such items, there may be inserts made of both transparent and frosted glass, and the latter are more popular.

Glass objects and interior details in the hi-tech style are especially often used, the essence of which is to create the most functional design (there are no unnecessary or unnecessary items in such a room). Simultaneously with high-tech glass, metal is popular, which can be presented in the form of metal panels (cabinet doors, shelving are made of them) and metal furniture parts (legs for tables, racks, frames, etc.). Glass elements in the high-tech style are represented by glass cabinet doors, glass shelves, glass countertops and so on. Sometimes there are variants of countertops made of other materials, but having an overhead element made of glass on top.