There are no unnecessary details and fuss in the house — any thing in it opens the way to a person’s heart. Nature is desirable and saving. Coffee tables replace coastal stones, shower watering cans exude waterfalls, kitchen units resemble desert landscapes…

Designers are engaged in nature. They study mountains, contemplate glaciers, watch groves and canyons. So there are mirrors — lakes, sofas landscapes, tables — stumps and tables drops. They have clear shapes, rounded corners, they are not overloaded with details and color — the eye easily glides over the subject, enjoying the beautiful line.

A slight irregularity, unevenness or crack gives things a special charm — real beauty always has a small flaw. The theme of nature has another side: a careful attitude towards it.

Coffee break

We look closely at the Asian interior. We adapt the best furniture samples to our European taste. Solid, massive low tables made of bronze and sukupira will become an invaluable acquisition of a naturopath.

They did not take root in Europe for a long time — they remained Asian exotics. They spread in the Art Deco era, in the 1930s.

Then upholstered furniture became lower. A new type of table was needed as an attachment to a new type of sofa. The French even call the name of the “inventor” (or plagiarist?) — Jean—Michel Frank. In a modern house there may not be a dining table, but there will certainly be a coffee table (or even more than one). This thing is compact, mobile, convenient. However, its decorative properties are increasingly coming to the fore. The form is simple, but what materials! Sycamore and makassar, black lacquer and stingray leather, marble and bronze… You’ll think a hundred times before you put a cup of coffee on such a jewel!

If you are interested in buying a thing not for the season, but for at least a decade, I can give you advice: choose simple shapes, neutral colors and natural materials. artificial materials, in my opinion, are like food from a tube: no taste, no aroma of a natural product. Natural materials, on the contrary, will always be relevant. I am sure that humanity will find a way to replenish their reserves on the planet.

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