House design

“A wonderful transformation.” Design of a two-room apartment.

Make a modern renovation and at the same time preserve the history of the house. Use warm pastel tones, and in the living room — active contrasting colors.

Minor redevelopment. The bedroom has been enlarged due to the kitchen. Combined bathroom. The comfort of the premises is connected with aesthetic requirements.

The interior solution cannot be called unambiguous – eclecticism. The living room is in colonial style, and the corridor is stylized as Egypt. The walls are lined with decorative stone – on the walls it has become an illusion of the masonry of ancient buildings. This decision reflects the solemn Mediterranean style. The drawing on the facade of the wardrobe is an ancient Egyptian plot. The space of the corridor flows smoothly into the kitchen. And the idea of the cuisine is the Mediterranean. The main criteria of the entire room are convenience, space and light.

Kitchen wall decor.

The real Italian Mediterranean is felt in the relief of the textured painting of the walls — an iridescent wavy texture with satin reflections. And the effect is enhanced by a decorative stone in the form of long thin stone bricks laid along the entire perimeter of the working wall.