Kitchen decor

Kitchen decor with your own hands

The correct decoration of any interior depends, first of all, on what its purpose is. In addition, you also need to understand that its location is very important. For example, the kitchen decor cannot be applied to the bedroom and vice versa. For a harmonious combination and compliance with the correct parameters, you need to take into account a lot of details.

This also applies to the kitchen space. The variety of modern styles and attributes for this room simply baffles most housewives. Nevertheless, there is a serious difference between each representative of any direction.

Minimalism in the kitchen is the key to convenience

Any hostess, no matter what level of skill she has in the kitchen, dreams of the spaciousness and functionality of this room. She will always want all the important “nodes” to be located at arm’s length, but at the same time she would not have to squeeze and feel uncomfortable. It is in this case that the minimalism style is used. Only the most necessary furniture is installed, in which every available square centimeter is used to ensure comfort. In this preference, each piece of furniture performs several functions at once, so be prepared that you will have to pay a little extra for convenience and extra space. Such furniture is produced in special factories engaged only in narrowly focused activities for the production of such products.

Classic style and kitchen decor

Even despite the huge amount of modern materials and opportunities to purchase high-quality furniture, there is always someone who wants to eat in a cozy kitchen room furnished according to classical canons. Carved lines, color, decorated with old wood, subdued light and upholstered furniture – all these are signs of the classics that modern style solutions are trying so hard to survive.

Yes, it has drawbacks – cleaning such a kitchen is troublesome. A lot of depressions and crevices, slits and protrusions simply do not allow you to do everything as quickly as possible, but this is a kind of payment for excellent comfortable conditions. It is not necessary to furnish such a kitchen with any other decorative elements. It will only be enough to conveniently arrange all the furniture and add a few still lifes or baskets of fresh fruit. Thus, the space will be filled with aromas and will always welcome its guest with cordiality.