House design

Textiles in the decoration of the home

The overall color scheme of the interior plays an important role in the design decision. Color creates a certain aura of space, affects its mood and character. Each component of the room’s furnishings requires a well-chosen color background. A bold dot in the color palette of the room can be put with the help of textile elements, which also play an important role in achieving the completeness of interior decoration. The fabric attire of the monastery creates comfort in the room, causing feelings of one’s own, native, home.

Nowadays, it has become possible to introduce almost the entire palette of colors into the fabric. Gone are the days when the whole choice was limited to brown, gray and beige tones. But since the 50s, the chemical industry has been actively working on the creation of dyes, which subsequently made it possible to transform textiles for every taste. Today we have the opportunity to purchase a fabric that repeats almost the entire color spectrum, diverse in its texture, composition, pattern. The fabric in the interior can successfully emphasize both the classic style and the newfangled high-tech.
There are fashion trends in the world of interior fabrics. Of course, they are not as changeable as fashion in clothes. The developed collections have the right to exist for up to 5 years, but fabrics in the style of history are not subject to the time frame at all.

If the chosen fabric in the interior harmoniously combines the concepts of style and fashion, then you have hit the nail on the head, this is a professional design step that complements the style of the entire inhabited space. Such a decision excludes the possibility of the slightest remark.
Good taste is always an assistant in the selection of every detail of the interior. Choosing the right curtains by color, texture, shape, pattern, and even so that their presence complements the harmony of the furniture and decoration of the room, is not an easy matter.
Determining with the decor style, which is a longer–lasting phenomenon compared to fashion, is the next main task for the designer. It is necessary to connect the facets of “fashion-style” and achieve a balance in which nothing wants to change, correct or supplement. It is also necessary to combine in style, texture and color all the components of the interior – walls, ceilings, floor, furniture and various accessories.