bathroom design

10 ideas for creating a bathroom design

The usual bolted panels in beige tones contrast perfectly in this traditional bathroom with dark wooden baseboards and closet doors. Glass sticks are ideal for storing toiletries, without drowning out wooden elements such as door and window frames.

French-style bathroom

The beautiful tile floor in this bathroom is a great start to create a traditional design. An elegant bathtub and a decorated mirror are an integral part of the interior, while beautiful curtains and a soft chair with a veil fill the room with French charm.

Bathroom in soft green tones

Panels bolted to the walls are able to mask surface irregularities. The olive green color creates a calm and sophisticated atmosphere that merges with the traditional style of a tub with turned-up edges.

Bathroom in neutral colors

For a traditional bathroom, a delicate gray color is a perfect alternative among other neutral shades. Variegated tiles make the overall design clearer and perfectly match with a neutral palette of colors. To create a special approach, complement the interior with a beautiful plant in the corner of the room and colorful accessories.

Traditional bathroom with arched window.

Beautiful arched windows are the main element in the design of this traditional bathroom. Thin transparent curtains are able to let a huge amount of light into the room, and at the same time protect the space from bright sunlight, creating a romantic and calm atmosphere. A tub with turned-up edges looks luxurious, while towel holders complement the elegant design.

White bathroom with wallpaper.

Decorated with patterned wallpaper, the niche adds a zest and soft color to this traditional white bathtub. The rest of the interior design adheres to a neutral color palette. Pale-colored walls and classic plumbing create a traditional atmosphere.

The blue and white bathroom interior has a traditional appearance, creating a fresh and simple, and at the same time, elegant design. Venetian blinds provide the room with light and protect it from prying eyes. Stylish lockers help to make the design spacious. Walls hiding  were painted in two contrasting shades of blue to enliven this traditional bathroom design.

A traditional bathroom with a bright statement.

A white bathroom with a silver free-standing bathtub gives the traditional design a modern elegance with a lot of fancy elements. A luxurious chandelier on the ceiling, a mirrored wardrobe, transparent curtains and patterned blinds make the overall design unique.

Spa-style bathroom.

A free-standing women’s bathtub and a huge decorated mirror create a special atmosphere of a Spa salon in this traditional bathroom. Limestone floors and painted walls make the room warm and welcoming, while small accessories are stored in classic rattan baskets.

Classic bathroom.

Accessories and modern furniture combined with an amazing background are elements of classic style that are used in the design of this bathroom. Traditional overhead lighting and a luxurious table are perfectly combined with a stylish free-standing bathroom. The walls and light wood floors painted in cool blue shades make the bathroom interior fresh and relaxed.