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How to create comfort in the house

Any housewife dreams that her apartment is cozy. It is wrong to think that the influence is exerted by the number of meters in the living space, the presence of expensive furniture and high-quality Euro repairs. In fact, comfort does not depend on this! There are a number of rules that must be observed at the time of the organization of the situation in your apartment. Then the guests will definitely say: “How cozy you are!”

The first moment.

Textiles are considered an integral part of the cozy interior of the room. Namely, textiles are able to create a cozy atmosphere in the house. It’s really bad if you have a “bald” window in your room. It is worth noting that even blinds of modern format will not help to achieve the desired result at all. After all, in any case, blinds are just an imprint of office style. Therefore, if you absolutely cannot do without this component, be sure to decorate the window with curtains.
Pay attention to the tablecloth. If there is a dining table in the house, cover it with a chic tablecloth. You can buy a beautiful bedspread in the bedroom, and hang a canopy in the children’s room.

The second point.

It is not recommended to overload the rooms with furniture at all. In fact, the house is not a warehouse and a store. Get the most necessary things, you don’t need anything extra. Think about how to install furniture, arrange it. “Roll” her around the room, choose the most optimal option. Think about the front door, it’s also a touch to your individual comfort.

The third point.

The color scheme. It’s not really great if your room is full of different colors. This format is suitable only for a children’s room. It is desirable that the color scheme would not be flashy. There is also no need to go to extremes, the boring and monotonous option for the interior is also not suitable.
It is necessary to form it in such a way that bright things are present in the apartment, attracting the eye, not disturbing the mood of the room.

The fourth point.

Flowers. This component plays a serious role in the house. Pots with violets present on the windowsills, floor vases with flowers, planters with climbing plants on the walls – all this brings a sense of freshness to the house. If you don’t really like taking care of indoor flowers, then you can buy cute artificial flowers. It’s not a problem today. It is worth remembering that they are still covered with dust. Therefore, they can turn from a beautiful accessory into a cause of shame.

The fifth point.

Upholstered furniture. As you know, armchairs and sofas can give comfort to the interior, as well as various ottomans, where you can really sit and relax, celebrate the beauty of the interior. Besides, you are not creating a museum at all. Guests should not just enter, trample and look around, then exit in orderly rows.

The sixth point.

Local light can form a cosiness.
Without lighting, no interior will become cozy. Therefore, there is no need to limit yourself to one chandelier in the center of the room! It is important to have local lighting in the house. These can be sconces, floor lamps, various table lamps, workplace lighting.

The seventh moment.

The last line. It is very important to make the interior “your own”. After all, every house has such details and elements by which you can evaluate the owners of this dwelling. Small frames with photos, drawings of your kids, baguettes with embroidery made by the hostess, even a glued model of the ship made by the hands of her son and husband look cute on the walls.

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