Curtain design in a modern interior

Curtain design in a modern interior

Curtains are an important, central element of any interior. Therefore, their design should correspond to the overall style of the room. For rooms in which classics prevail, heavy curtains made of dense material are ideal. Exotic interiors are harmoniously complemented by curtains of bright, saturated colors with original ornaments.

Folklore style allows you to use light and transparent products decorated with embroidery or lace. Curtain salons offer customers a huge variety of products that are ideally suited to any interior solution.

Exclusive lovers who prefer to place antique furniture in the house can recommend curtains made of handmade fabric decorated with exquisite weaves. The high-tech style requires a more modern and innovative solution. In this case, curtains made of metallized materials, various grids with a minimum amount of decor will be the best option.

The main task of curtains and curtains is to emphasize the advantages of the design of the room. Therefore, when choosing products, it is important to adhere to such a rule.

To make the windows in the house even more expressive, you can always decorate the finished curtains with additional decorative elements. And it’s easy to do it yourself, without resorting to the help of professional designers in the salon of curtains. For example, you can refuse to open or close curtains daily and tie beautiful ribbons, bows in color that match the main fabric. Additionally, they can be decorated with brushes, embroidery, beads, etc. If desired, the ribbon can be easily replaced with large beads. This technique is usually used for decorating bedrooms or living rooms in a classic style.

On holidays, curtains are often decorated with cute brooches equipped with special clips. Similar products can be made in the form of butterflies, dragonflies, flowers, snowflakes, birds. It is important that the chosen decoration is appropriate and in harmony with the overall decoration of the room.

The most popular replaceable element on the window is tulle. It is advisable to purchase several different versions of it, which will allow you to update the interior depending on the mood or weather.