House design

“Classical truths”. Design of a three-room apartment.

Create a modern cozy apartment. Plan the necessary functional areas: bedroom, living room, children’s room and kitchen. Take the classics as the basis of the style. Make a separate heating. In a panel house there are load—bearing structures of walls, so the volume of space was extracted using architectural techniques — increasing doorways or creating new ones. At the expense of a small corridor, an area was added to the bathroom, and a huge wardrobe was arranged in the hall on the left side. Instead of a pantry, a dressing room is made for the bedroom.

Traditional classics, taking into account the Ukrainian mentality: the customer’s collection of paintings by Ukrainian artists was organically integrated into the interior. Classic decors are used: columns, pilasters, moddings, friezes.

The entire interior is made in pastel calm tones with harmoniously used red: in decoration, textiles and upholstered furniture. Dark wood in the furniture. Stretch ceilings visually increase the space, and the effect of a cloudless sky is created in the bedroom.

The classics, triumphant in all rooms, are decorated with paintings by artists.