House design

“Rhythms of life”. Design of a three-room apartment.

The customers are a young family with a child. The main wish is that the apartment should correspond to the rhythm of the people living in it. Create the most functional and lightweight space with minimal layout changes. Visually enlarge the apartment, accurately highlight the functional areas.

As a result of the work, the hall is divided into two zones: a cinema and an office. The study area was formed at the expense of the balcony, attaching its useful area. The kitchen space is increased thanks to the refrigerator built into the niche. The bathroom was planned with a shower cabin instead of a bulky bathtub.

Minimal saturation of underwear, large spaces, clean contrasts and conciseness of forms are a lifestyle. Natural materials in the decoration: wood, bamboo. In the living room there is a wall with a built-in home cinema, and the opposite one – in the study area – is decorated with decorative stone. The children’s room is not subject to general rules — it has its own course of life, softer forms, colorful shades.

A red-black-and-white kitchen with a surreal panel. The colors are laid out in geometric shapes — each color has its own place, its sacred purpose and its own bright accent.