Interior design in Indian style

Interior design in Indian style

Indian style is one of the most popular ethnic styles in design. It is unique in that there are no serious rules for it, and yet it is recognizable. This is due to the fact that Indian society still retains its caste, in which it is impossible to develop unified traditions of home design.

Indian-style interior

Therefore, the Indian style contains within itself something special, inherent only in India itself, like the smell of incense floating in its air.

But still, Europeans take palaces of the ruling caste, distinguished by fabulous luxury, as the standard of this style in most cases. And the names of the finishing materials needed for decoration sound like music: sandalwood, dark marble, snow-white marble, ivory, gold, teak, and, of course, silk.

Indian style

The introduction of a variety of fabrics is the main feature of Indian design. A common fabric in India is silk.

Therefore, there is a lot of silk in Indian houses. Motley-bright and a little rough, it assigns a unique charm to the interior.

Indian Style Bedroom

The eye sticks to the eye-catching silk curtains with a complex exotic pattern covering the door and window openings. The walls are decorated with silk, which reflects the main Indian signs: elephants and a whole host of deities. The furniture is richly decorated with silk.

Silk canopies are hung over not very high beds, with thick legs. Instead of a mattress on such beds, a woven mesh is used. In modern criteria, a coconut mattress will fit well into the interior.

The rooms are separated by carved screens, in the form of small-mesh partitions, knocked down from thin slats. For the color palette of India, it is usually the introduction of the brightest colors of the setting sun: crimson, gold, crimson.

Indian-style decoration

When painting the walls in these colors, they always take the lightest tones, which assigns an unusual warmth and comfort to the interior. Light or snow-white ceilings, inherent in Indian rooms, make a memory of a huge volume and place.

The floors in Indian houses are marble or teak. This is due to the highest water resistance of teak, so necessary for the Indian climate with its long rainy seasons.

Hindus have a huge weakness for sculptures of elephants and gods (especially Shiva and Ganesha), which are executed practically from all natural materials. These sculptures are installed on small altars topped with candles.

Indian style bedroom design

An unusual element of Indian decor are various trays and jugs filled with rose petals. Even more unusual is the introduction of a chandelier for this purpose.

Petals are poured onto its wide edges, which, when the chandelier is heated, begin to emit a particularly strong smell.

A skillful stylization of the Indian style can be considered the decoration of premises with the rarest and most valuable wood species, with scenes from the Kama Sutra carved on it.