Interior design in Romanesque style

Interior design in Romanesque style. Features of the Romanesque style

The Romanesque style is one of the more beautiful and majestic styles in architecture and interior. It is characterized by rigor of forms, massiveness, lack of excesses, severity of appearance. The architecture of the Romanesque era is known for ponderous temples and castles that resemble impregnable fortresses.

The Romanesque style implies massive walls, thick columns, powerful semicircular doors, round or semicircular windows, a marble floor, a wealth of mirrors in languid frames, painting.

In interior design, the Romanesque style is also characterized mainly by power and grandeur rather than grace. All elements should create a sense of heaviness and simplicity, decorative decoration of rooms is virtually absent.

The walls in the room need to be made in such a way that they very much resemble the walls of the castle. Plain plaster of yellowish-brown, grayish, beige colors is used.

For bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, choose tiles in the form of stone walls. The production of a kitchen for such an interior is made to order, because it is quite difficult to choose the appropriate furniture in the middle of the assortment of stores.

In order to dilute the general feeling of gloom a little, there may be the introduction of inserts made of black wood, various frescoes, stained glass windows made of multicolored pieces of glass. If the interior design is being developed even before the construction of the house, then you can predict the decorative windows of an elongated semicircular shape.

The floor is ideally decorated with parquet. But taking into account how much laminate costs, it is completely possible to save and change the parquet with a cheaper coating.

The furniture for the interior in the Romanesque style is chosen only ordinary, even in a kind of primitive, but high-quality, made of cedar, oak, spruce and creating an atmosphere of reliability, luxury. To create the desired color, elements such as rough benches, tables, stools on three or four legs are indispensable.

You can choose board furniture, with the addition of carvings and forged steel parts. Chairs and chair backs should be the highest. Often, to give originality, furniture is painted in colorful colors.