Bathroom design

Bathroom design: 8 color solutions for your room

Have you decided to change the design of the bathroom? Remember that 80% of success is the right shade. Calm blue, delicate white or rich red? And what else do designers recommend using?

Passionate Madness: Immersion in saturated red

Jonay boldly uses saturated red. He is sure that such a clever move gives the bath drama and elegance. Just do not overdo it with bright colors, otherwise it will be impossible to relax in the room.

Brown bathroom-living room: restrained and tasteful

Such a room continues the overall interior of the house, gives relaxation and peace. The walls of the room are decorated with coffee and brown shades with hand-painted. The room is surrounded by an aura of absolute calm.

Over 50 shades of Grey

The restrained light shade creates a feeling of eternity and solitude. To the traditional gray, you can add a little ivory and a scattering of precious stones.

Golden luxury embodied in classics

Are you an adherent of the good classics? Then a bathroom in golden tones will suit you. Ideally, if it offers a view of the private garden of a country house. Dilute the dominance of gold restrained white, delicate peach, light blue.

Perfectly white. Crystal clear

Crystal white plumbing, snow-white walls, matching lockers… Have you dreamed of a light design created with taste? Stop dreaming! It’s time to embody.

Just keep in mind that a crystal-clear bathroom needs 2 times more careful care.

A master of glamour

Designers offer a room in pink tones to ladies who are in love with tenderness and glamour. Feminine and beautiful. Luxurious golden shades will complement the interior.

Filled with heavenly purity

Airy, delicate, filled with purity shade is the trend of 2015. Plunge into the warm water, inhale the aroma of foam, open your eyes and look up. There you will see the airy sky blue, one look at which relaxes and makes you forget the problems.

The color of heavenly purity is not pure blue! This is a mood shade, a lightness shade that you will choose for the room.

Green… Come on, him! Into the swamp?

Swamp-green, olive, the shade of faded grass… no! Not for your bathroom.

Emerald, bright green, sometimes light green – exactly what you need.

We have selected 8 color solutions for those who are going to carry out repairs. And what shade will you choose for your dream room?

Bathroom design

Bathroom design