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3 mistakes of those who create a Mediterranean style in the interior

The sea, the sun and romance … no, these are not dreams of summer.  These are the features that the Mediterranean style has absorbed in the interior. He is so light, laid-back, airy that people fall in love with him at first sight.

But how to create an atmosphere of “designer Casanova” in the interior?

TOP 3 mistakes that are made unknowingly.

1. “Mediterranean style one”. The same situation as with country music. The Mediterranean is lush Italy, restrained Greece, saturated Cyprus, passionate Spain, a piece of refined France and other corners of the planet. The specific characteristics of the design depend on the spirit of the country that you embody in the interior.

2. “You can take and connect something.” As a result, cruel plastic appears next to shells and furniture made of natural wood, and next to elegant fabrics – a dirty grandmother’s apron.

3. “Textiles are our everything!”. It’s amazing, but a fact. In the interiors, the Greeks and Italians practically do not use textiles.

The Greek in the interior of your house: what is he like?


Lemon yellow, sometimes beige, an abundance of blue-green shades. Pink can be used to accentuate the details.


Rough plaster, which has its own special charm. If there are gaps and “crookedness”, do not despair! There is a special chic behind them.

Bet on naturalness.

Solid oak or walnut furniture, wicker chairs and baskets, pottery – all this is liked by the “Greek” in the interior. If the Art Nouveau style in the interior relies on functionality, then external beauty is important for the Mediterranean.

Floor covering.

Terracotta tiles are used.

Italian passions in your home

Insanely warm, “delicious”, alluring style, which reflects the history and soul of the ancient people.


Warm beige, chocolate, coffee, brown, olive and bottle green.


Practically absent. Rough plaster, which was carelessly “sketched” on the wall, does not count.


Simple, handmade, rough in places, without upholstery. Practically without fabric.

Floor covering.

Floorboards in the rooms, ceramic tiles in the kitchen and bathroom.

Residents of hot countries are not used to pampering themselves with textiles, silk and expensive fabrics. Curtains on the windows will not save you from the scorching sun. Well aware of this, the Mediterranean preferred rough wooden shutters.

Sweet, inviting and cozy? Yes, this style is exactly like that! Enjoy it in your own country house.