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How do Stars live? The interior of apartments of 5 world celebrities

I wonder what interior styles are chosen by world-class stars? Do you want to create an interior similar to the one your idol has? The article is for you.

Jon Bon Jovi: “Its my life”

The rock musician is a fan of high-tech. His $ 42 million penthouse in New York was created in the best traditions of the direction: elegant chairs, maximum light, the use of glass and a bet on space.

Did you think that a rock star’s house is old and shabby?

The total area of the new penthouse is 692 m2, there are several fireplaces and terraces from which the star looks at the view of the city. The musician admits: during the “enjoyment of nature”, the best ideas come knocking to him.

Justin Bieber: Enjoying Oriental luxury

The pop diva bought a house in the suburbs of Los Angeles. Apartments after the hands of designers have become as ambiguous as the personality of Bieber himself. The area of the property is more than 855 m2. There are 7 bathrooms and 6 bedrooms, created in a modern style.

But Bieber wouldn’t be so famous if it weren’t for his scandalousness. The impulsiveness and ambiguity of the character of the star was reflected in the interior: next to the slender “hi-tech” motifs appeared the sands of Egypt and the luxury of gold, African palm trees and Renaissance paintings. It’s not kitsch. This is a reflection of Bieber’s contradictory soul and unusual taste.

Jennifer Lopez: Eternal classics

The mansion in New York cost the pop diva $ 10 million. For this cost, the singer bought a house in the “German style”, where she added modern technologies. It turned out cozy.

Rihanna: on the wave of fashion

The star bought herself an Art Nouveau-style mansion in the suburbs of Los Angeles. Luxury apartments cost her $ 12 million. The internal “filling” is the top of functionality. The interior of the singer’s house is a mixture of functionalism and minimalism. And the “modern house” itself has a non-standard shape. The surrounding area is divided into barbecue and sunbathing areas.

Katy Perry: betting on the unusual

The owner of several apartments. You will be surprised, but the interior of the diva apartments dips into the classics and Renaissance times. Massive curtains, classic paintings (and even the Mona Lisa!), light tones in the design created by the hands of panel masters. Only here, surrounded by classics, a girl can feel real.

The stars allow themselves different interior styles. You can take an example from them, making your home a reflection of the soul, taste and mood.