Chic retro

The main trend in the development of modern design is the desire for simplification. Life is so complicated nowadays that it’s often a big deal to plan a simple dinner with friends. Let the walls become the decoration in this office. The deep coral-red color is chosen because it inspires creativity and stimulates the thought process. The thick, vibrant cobalt blue soothes and soothes. The red walls and blue shutters contrast beautifully with the softer pink on the surface of the adjacent wall. This is an excellent color combination for a room in which you want to work and achieve creative success.

Declare yourself with a simple but stylish retro design using functional furniture that completely lacks any decorations, but in which there is, nevertheless, a hint of a joke. This furniture looks more like a work of engineering than design art. The clarity of the lines can be traced in chairs made of plastic or metal, in angular tables with legs made of aluminum, stainless steel or ferrous metal, and even in table lamps, also made of metal. Heat-resistant coatings like “formaika” furniture with vinyl and wooden cladding – all this is presented in a wide range in modern stores. Even industrial-style furniture can look chic. Or perhaps you prefer modular furniture made up of numerous components that meet your needs.

Accessories in such an office should be few. Most of the small items will have to be put away for storage in another place. You can put lamps of unusual design and hang some of your favorite reproductions or photos on the walls.

If you decide to design your workplace in retro style, then you will have to commit to keeping the room in perfect order and not cluttering it with decorations.

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