Functionalism in interior design

Functionalism in interior design

Functionalism is one of the leading interior design styles of our modernity. This stylistic direction is characterized by rigor, restraint, mobility, simplicity, and no frills. The main principle of this stylistic direction is comfort and convenience.

The basic concept of the style is to use only functional and convenient items. That is, the complete exclusion of things that do not represent any practical application (figurines, vases).

Functionalism recognizes only clear geometric shapes, without the use of broken and curved lines. The color frames are not very wide. The most popular colors are black, metallic, white, matte shade. Wide plastic windows of white color give the greatest comfort to the interior.

When decorating windows, it is preferable to use blinds. When decorating the interior with curtains, the use of draperies is not allowed. The cornice must be either metal or stringed. Furniture in this style is mainly used either folding (sofa bed, table-book, armchair-bed), or on wheels.

This makes it possible to save the available space and, if necessary, move and transform pieces of furniture. Light-colored wallpaper with a modest dim pattern is welcome. This allows you to visually increase the space of the room. It is preferable to put a carpet of variegated colors on the floor, or a plain floor covering.

A minimum of furnishings, simple designs in the form of built–in cabinets, shelving, light shelves and stands for office equipment – all these are the main features of functionalism.