Living room design

Living room design

The design of the living room, as well as its interior, is born at the very moment when you decide to renovate your apartment. Even then, you mentally distribute the furniture into rooms, imagine where the lamps will hang, where the computer desk, TV, etc. will stand.

If you can’t figure it all out mentally or want to do something that no one else has, then it’s best to turn to professional designers. Although it will cost a pretty penny, but the result will be on the face. Any modern apartment has several rooms. These are bedrooms, hallways and a bathroom.

But there is a special room, and most importantly multi-purpose. This room is called either a hall or a living room. This is a room where you can just relax sitting in an easy chair looking through newspapers and magazines.

Here you can gather the whole family discussing all sorts of life’s little things. You can just have tea with the whole family while watching an interesting TV show or show. And finally, to receive guests or celebrate an anniversary.

Based on the apartment meters that society spoils us with, we are not able to divide this room into sectors. Well, for example, the recreation sector and the sector where guests will be received. I would like to be able to arrange a separate room for recreation and a room for receiving guests.

You have to create two in one. And this distribution is almost conditional and is determined by the location of furniture, as well as the location of lighting fixtures.

What elements of design or interior, perhaps, is the distribution. If we talk about design, first of all, the design of the ceiling, which can be mounted on two levels and one of them to emphasize the recreation area, for example. At the same time, install spotlights in the ceiling.

For spotlights, the light is distributed purposefully, illuminating a certain sector. Thereby highlighting, for example, a recreation area or a zone where work is done at the computer. Distributing furniture in this area, upholstered furniture is installed and a coffee table is installed.

And here is a place where you can relax after reading newspapers and magazines is ready. A TV set installed in small furniture or mounted on a small stand for a TV and other household appliances will perfectly complement this interior. They can be a home theater or a music center.

The lighting of the living room is very important. Installation of a chandelier is mandatory. It gives a certain completeness to the interior. There is no alternative to the chandelier, and no other lamp will replace it.

It is possible to install local lighting fixtures, such as sconces. These are light and pretty enough lamps that refresh and complement the overall interior of the living room. At the moment, spotlights are widely used.

There are a huge number of them, both in coloring and in execution. Given the fact that they have a directional distribution of light, they bring some piquancy to the overall picture of the interior. All these elements combined give an unsurpassed look to the interior of the living room.

In addition, you need to take a beautiful wallpaper, paint the ceilings in two colors, if the ceilings are two-level, send modern high-quality floors on which you can sometimes dance, and now the living room is ready. You can relax by watching a fish swim peacefully in the aquarium or receive guests by sitting over a cup of tea or coffee.