The use of stucco in the design of the apartment

The use of stucco in the design of the apartment

Creating a spectacular interior always takes a lot of time and of course it requires an investment of finances. Anyone can decorate a house or apartment with an exquisite decor today, for this it is not necessary to spend a fortune on buying expensive items or hiring a designer.

With the help of new materials and professional advice, it is quite simple to make your home beautiful. Plaster stucco can be considered a universal material, as it is ideal for decorating buildings inside and outside.

Decorating your home with the usual finishing materials is boring, unique design, that’s what can really surprise any guest. Different technologies are used in the interior, the result of one of them is plaster molding, the price for it is available to everyone, the main thing is to choose the right product.

Many people are used to seeing stucco decor only in classic interiors, which are characterized by luxury and sophistication. But designers of modern interiors quite often use plaster to create an author’s project and add sophistication to it.

Stucco molding is quite a fashionable trend today and it is used by both owners of country mansions and residents of simple city apartments. Plaster decor has long been used in the decoration of rooms and facades of buildings, it looks good on walls and many other structures, for example, columns.

Such elements will decorate the interior in the style of Baroque, modern and not only, they are combined with modern interior items and I must say very successfully. In addition, stucco molding helps to hide many shortcomings of the interior and the communication system.

Thanks to the good plasticity of the gypsum material, stucco products can be given a variety of shapes, both large elements and the smallest patterns and reliefs are perfectly visible on them.

In the interior, stucco products are most often decorated with slopes at columns, doors, cornices, frames for photographs and paintings are made of it, as well as chandeliers and other lighting fixtures on the ceiling and walls.

The introduction of new technologies and improved composition has a good effect on the durability of stucco, it is resistant to many influences and for many years is able to maintain its original appearance.