Wall decor in the children's room

Wall decor in the children’s room

When we make repairs in an apartment, we always rely on our taste and preferences. But there is one room in our apartment that needs to be repaired with special attention – this is the “nursery”.

The child’s psyche is a very thin material and exactly in what style you will design it, what materials, colors of decorative means you will use at the same time, will affect the physical and mental well–being of your child.

The very first thing to do before you start repairing a children’s room is to ask your child what he would like to see on its walls.

It is necessary to prepare carefully for this issue, since all children have a stormy imagination, and they cannot yet assess the benefits or harms of the chosen plot, then their wishes may be unpredictable. And it will be very difficult for you to convince him later. Therefore, knowing the interests of your child, offer him several wall decor options yourself and give him the opportunity to choose one of them.

By selecting the desired image, you already know what the nursery will look like. It remains only to choose finishing materials according to their color, composition and quality.

We also approach the choice of color very delicately.

Green color relieves irritability and calms the nervous system. Red color – awakens the flow of energy, excites the nerve endings, makes your child restless. It is known that red rooms are not suitable for sleeping and performing educational activities, as it distracts and does not allow you to concentrate.

Blue color – reduces vital activity and acts depressingly. Therefore, for the design of the children’s room, choose not the main colors, but their shades – light green, blue, pink, peach – these colors create a feeling of coziness and comfort in the room.

It is not necessary (even undesirable) to limit the decor to only two shades, but it is also not worth oversaturating the color palette of the room.

You can divide the child’s room into zones, and give each zone its own color.

Approximate zones can be: a sleep zone, a study zone, a game zone.

Materials for decoration can be diverse: wallpaper, various paints, pictures for decoration, plaster, etc.13

When decorating walls with wallpaper, I recommend pasting them panel-wise, that is, the top with wallpaper with one pattern, and the bottom with another. This decor will make the room fun and interesting. A paper border will help to differentiate the wallpaper panels among themselves, such borders are sold in any construction store. There are special curbs for children’s rooms.

If you decide to paint the walls in the children’s room, then it is recommended to paint the lower part of the wall with enamel to the middle, and the upper part can be covered with wallpaper or painted with water-based paint. Since the enamel is amenable to processing and is more resistant to mechanical stress.

The walls in the nursery need to be decorated to the taste of the child. To do this, illustrations for cartoons decorated with a decorative frame, photos with a child, decorative elements (butterflies, flowers, stars) are suitable. Attributes for decoration can be found in any hardware store or in a fabric store.

If during the repair of the nursery you will focus on the interests of the child – this will strengthen his trusting attitude towards you, make it clear to him that his opinion is considered important, if you let him participate in the repair, then you will expand his ideas about family values and grow a good assistant for yourself.