10 new design finds for the walls of your home

Your house has a character too. It is formed by walls. They protect it from the outside world and focus on the decoration that will make your home cozy. Is it possible for the walls to visually “lift” your ceiling? Or maybe they will help the sun rays play in your room? They can help you relax and unwind in a comfortable chair. Precisely, the walls will help you feel that you are happy and your home is your fortress.

Designer himself

In the house project, everything should be balanced. When decorating the walls, it does not mean at all that they should be the same in terms of design. You are always looking at one of the walls. But the design can be completely different. One of the walls can be executed in a bold and imposing solution. The other three may have a more gentle and calming effect. The main purpose of the decorated wall is to attract attention, but not to suppress feelings and emotions.

Natural coating

Economical, unusual, interesting. The floor mat is quite suitable for the hallway, hall and placed on one of the walls. Its natural color and monotony will allow you to decorate it with various accessories. It does not burn out, it is easily cleaned with a special vacuum cleaner for clothes.

To fix it on the wall, you can use contact glue, and decorate the edges with narrow wooden slats.


You can color a monochrome wall in a children’s bedroom using various folk motifs, figures cut out of paper. Glue will help to attach them to the wall. A border of multicolored scraps of fabric, delineate the painted walls.

Mosaic of pebbles or shells

Pebbles can be fixed on panels with cells using the same glue. Pebbles can have shades from ink to light gray or cream. It will look perfect in the kitchen or in the bathroom.


Photography of antiquity, flowers, views of nature, the city. You can divide one large photo into squares and paste them at a distance from each other.

Draping the wall with a curtain

A light, transparent fabric with a delicate pattern will give a special charm to your room. The curtain is attached to the ceiling with a bar. The rings can be closed with narrow wooden slats.

Experimenting with color

Professionals believe that the color solutions used in human clothing should be chosen for the decoration of the house.

But people decide in their own way. A person may love a certain color, but will want to see it in the decoration of the house. Yellow color is capricious in work. It can fade and turn into an indefinite tone; special lighting is needed for it. But it’s worth trying different options until you’re attracted to the primary colors.