interior of a country house

The jungle is called – the interior of a country house

A country house or cottage is a great place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, improve your health and find peace of mind. However, the ability to create favorable conditions for such a pastime directly depends on how the house will be decorated. But let the future cottager be calm, because there are hundreds of ways to design a suburban home.


A striking example of an interesting design can serve as a “safari” style. By the name, you can guess that the spirit of the animal world and hunting prevails here. We can say that this is an exotic version of an ordinary hunting dwelling, based on the flora and fauna not of the taiga or pine forest, but of the savannah or jungle, filled with bright flowers, unusual plants and dangerous animals. However, the task of the safari–style interior is not to deprive the occupant of the house of a sense of security, but to create an amazing and bright atmosphere of adventure, and at the same time comfort and warmth.

The main motive for a safari-style cottage is drawings of leopard or zebra skins, which have gained worldwide popularity in the world of design and fashion. Color solutions suggest using woody and earthy shades – brown, beige, green and the like. Naturally, these are colors from places located in hot countries, which means they are either deep and saturated, or vice versa, burned and bleached by the sun.

Interior items

A fireplace in a country house will be a great help for a safari-style interior. The classic solution in this case will be vintage chairs by the fire, and as a mandatory attribute – an animal skin under your feet or its imitation. On the walls by the fireplace, you can place simple wooden shelves with adventure books by famous authors, such as Mayne Reed or Jules Verne.

The plus of the style lies in the richest source of accessories – the hunting art of the inhabitants of African countries. Since ancient times, in such places, people have braved strong and dangerous animals: lions, cheetahs, leopards, wild boars, panthers, elephants and many others. Any of these animals the beast serves as a source of inspiration for the decoration of the walls. Parts of skeletons, such as skulls, horns, fangs, tusks, will be appropriate here. Stuffed heads and skins will also fit perfectly.

There is no shortage of furniture here to expect. You can choose any mood – from a simple hut to the palace chambers. Most often, safari lovers still stick to simple shapes and materials, since they look unusual and interesting in any case.

The bedroom can be furnished simply, without any frills. The bed can be made even by yourself, so it will have the most authentic look. If there is no desire or opportunity to create with your own hands, then a suitable model can be found in stores or on the Internet. Auctions sell an infinite number of pieces of furniture, figurines, idols, musical instruments that can be used in interior landscaping.

interior of a country house

interior of a country house