House design

Basics of minimalism in the interior

In the modern understanding of minimalism, there is clearly an image of a Japanese house made of paper, bamboo mats, low tables for a tea ceremony.
There is some truth in this image. Indeed, the style of the Japanese dwelling contains many elements of minimalism.

But minimalism is not only asceticism and a minimum of details. This style obliges the designer to thoroughly consider the meaning of each element. If you have chosen a minimalist style, then there will be few details in your interior, but each of them performs maximum functions for living.
Before arranging your interior in this style, it is necessary to decide which of the pieces of furniture are vital to you, and which you can perfectly do without, since they play an insignificant role in functionality.

It seems to be simple. In order to create an atmosphere of minimalism in the home, you just need to throw out everything superfluous and leave the right one. But deliberate “throwing out” is quite difficult to implement.

It can be difficult for a modern consumer with a huge variety of decor to stop. The advertising machine requires constant updating of the interior with not very necessary things that play only a decorative role. To create an ascetic, but beautiful minimalism, you should feel the taste of simplicity in time. In the style of minimalism, flaws in the form of an awkward rug or a picture that does not fit seamlessly into the design are always more noticeable.

Minimalism is not only an interior. It is rather a perception of the world, an idea, a philosophy. A person committed to flashy objects, an abundance of bright colors is unlikely to achieve perfection in minimalism.
This style implies the use of natural materials, a clear layout of the space, calm lighting.
To create a sense of spaciousness, internal partitions are removed from the room, if possible. It is preferable to make the lighting design natural. This can be achieved by installing wide windows with thin frames. A minimalist house should be like an extension of nature.

When filling the room with furniture, it is not necessary to install heavy “blown” sofas, large plasma panels, heavy cabinets. In fact, a person can perfectly do without these “benefits” of civilization. In the philosophical meaning of minimalism, the inner world of the individual, his understanding of thought processes, unity with the ether is much more important…