House design

Curtains as a decorative element of a doorway

Often, apartment owners are not able to boast of a large area of their home, and so they want it to be spacious and light enough in the apartment. Therefore, you can use a simple solution – to remove interior doors hanging on hinges and very often blocking free movement around the apartment. Even at the planning stage of the interior change, it is worth taking a very careful approach to solving the question of what can replace the doors and how to beat the doorway in a different way, so as to get a practical and attractive result.

One of the options for its solution may be the decoration of the opening using textile products. With it, you can easily add novelty to the interior and get a very original design of the apartment. One of the main functions of curtains in the house is decoration, and the use of a certain design and materials allows not only to get completeness in the interior, but also to focus on details, highlighting certain areas.

The main thing is that the curtains are in harmony with the interior of adjacent rooms, in which they will not just be a divider, but also carry a certain aesthetic load. Modern interior design techniques allow you to use a wide variety of materials, and the simplest combinations of them allow you to create original doorway decor options. If you choose such a decoration option, curtains made of natural fabrics can be very well suited, among which cotton, linen, silk, satin, satin and bamboo should be especially noted.

It will be very appropriate to use curtains made of artificial fabrics, such as synthetics and polyester. Rope or thread curtains, as well as various plastic curtains, have become particularly popular in recent years. Curtains made of beads, glass beads, wood, applications on strings, bamboo tubes will look original in the interior and give it a certain zest. You can easily create such curtains even with your own hands. After all, there are currently a large number of specialty stores. It is very easy to purchase ready-made kits in them, where all the necessary materials have already been selected in accordance with the assembly scheme attached here. Such curtains, created with their own hands, will truly be the pride of any hostess of a house or apartment.