Charming old motifs in the kitchen interior

Charming old motifs in the kitchen interior

One of the most fascinating and not new trends in the design of kitchen interiors and the creation of furniture for this room is considered to be ancient furniture. She has never lost her own popularity and has always been at a high price with the client.

And many people who like more comfortable and interior homes are already tired of the cool and final styles of techno and cosmo. After all, according to the judgment of fans of naturalness and naturalness, such interiors do not carry with them the warm comfort that is assumed from understanding the room.

The gift of peace from nature

Those who know how to appreciate the gifts of nature, who constantly treat with reverence and reverence the production of furniture made of wood, or those who just like to touch the wood surfaces themselves, understanding the ecological danger at home, kitchen furniture made of wood of an ancient breed or release will seem to be a particularly excellent option. Plus, such people know how to appreciate all the beauty of kitchen sets made of antique wood. And all because they have great taste.

Kitchens, which are furnished with ancient wooden furniture and decorated according to the styles of previous periods, are constantly immediately, at the first glance at their interior, they represent as a comfortable room, bringing tranquility, tranquility and also a certain proportionality in systems and color filling. These variations constantly fill everyone who enters and sees or uses ancient kitchen cabinets, tables with chairs and other furniture components with sincere peace.

Constructiveness of ancient furniture solutions

It is sometimes good to fill kitchen furniture, which is made in the style of antiquity, with all kinds of components such as laminated chipboard countertops or unnatural stone, if they have a particularly modern and relevant appearance.

It is very important to keep, in other words, a tone suitable for the subject, and therefore, even if these materials are used, it is only if they have a wood color or are made according to a specialized order with imitation of scuffs and other moments, which would remind more of antiquity than modernity.

Countertops made of cool stone may well be suitable for one or another antique kitchen set, if they do not own bright colors and do not have any images that would not suit the style of the direction.

But on the kitchen apron, you can use panels made of unnatural stone, images, old photos or mosaics, which does not contradict the character of antiquity, if only the paintings themselves would have less in common with modernity.

For many leading countries of the world, it is distinctive in the interior design of kitchens to constantly maintain and preserve their own style of antiquity. So Britain loves country, France – Provence, Switzerland – chalet-themed furniture, and America successfully embodies cowboy motifs.

Charming old motifs in the kitchen interior

Charming old motifs in the kitchen interior