House design

Mediterranean interior design

With the help of warm and bright Mediterranean interior design, you can create an exotic atmosphere in your home.
The Mediterranean style has been repeatedly exposed to Spanish, Italian and Greek influences. The interior of the house reflects the nature of the Mediterranean coast. The Mediterranean is characterized by a warm and mild climate, life-friendly air, which is displayed in the home interior. Mediterranean design is very popular in the USA because it retains the charm of the old Mediterranean style and gives American homes elegance.

Types of Mediterranean decor.

Among the most famous Mediterranean styles are Italian, Spanish and Greek decor. Pay attention to the differences between them. The Italian style is characterized by marble floors and wooden ceilings. Woven tapestries and wrought iron chandeliers can be seen in the house. The furniture is usually sophisticated. The Italian interior uses pottery, stone and ceramic ornaments, as well as furniture paneling in bright colors. Greek jewelry is more limited compared to Italian accessories. The furniture is upholstered in shades of blue and green. The walls and floors are whitewashed. The luxurious Spanish design uses a common color palette with the Italian style. Polishing in the Spanish interior is usually matte, not shiny.

Every element in the house should reflect the traditional Mediterranean style.

Wall decoration.

The walls should be textured and artificially painted. The color palette of the Mediterranean style should reflect the old and elegant fashion. The walls should be light and made of ceramic tiles. Colors such as coral, beige, terracotta and yellow are ideal for a Mediterranean interior. Traditional white walls demonstrate sophistication in combination with blue, turquoise and brown accessories.


Properly selected fabrics and their placement are very important in the Mediterranean decor. In the design, you can see tapestries and furniture paneling on a rustic motif with elements of leather, as well as bed linen and curtains in Moroccan style.


For furniture, choose heavy and polished fittings. Buy sturdy furniture with decorative elements made of pine. Wooden tables and cabinets fit well into the Mediterranean interior design.

Kitchen and bathroom.

Plaster and hoods are integral elements of Mediterranean cuisine. Copper dishes, wooden cabinets, clay pots and food containers are placed indoors. Mirrors in gold or copper frames look amazing.


Terracotta or ceramic tiles are chosen for the floor. Kitchen panels, countertops and stairs decorated with mosaics will look great in a Mediterranean interior design. Accessories such as bronze pots and urns look amazing. Decorate the interior with oil paintings framed in frames. Add greenery, hanging plants, candles and vines in metal pots to the kitchen.

Mediterranean exterior design.

A Mediterranean house will be filled with beauty only when its exterior will also look attractive. Pay attention to the Spanish and Italian villas. The exterior walls should be flat, smooth, covered with large stones and painted in pastel colors, street sconces can be hung on the walls. The roof can be flat and low. Use terracotta tiles to keep the interior cool. The Mediterranean style is characterized by wooden ceiling beams, large windows and arched doorways. The grand portico at the front of the house, made of wrought iron, looks amazing. If you have enough space around the house, plant pine trees, palm trees and many small flowering plants in the yard. Pave the way to the house with cement made of pebbles and cobblestones.