Decorative 3D panels in the apartment decor

Decorative 3D panels in the apartment decor

The stores offer a large selection of finishing materials, thus any buyer will be able to choose the right finishing materials to his “taste”. Over time, more and more new materials for finishing appear on the market. These are decorative 3D panels designed to create interiors. To date, these panels are gaining popularity in Europe, as well as in Russia. These are very beautiful panels with a three-dimensional design, and they create a completely new look for your interior.

What are the panels? 3D panels are used to create three-dimensional drawings. 3D panels for walls are produced in various colors and textures, with the help of which it is possible to completely change the design of the living space.

Panels are made of MDF, decorative plastic, bamboo, plywood, coconut fiber, etc. can also be used for manufacturing. Recycled materials are also used for the manufacture of panels, and the damage to the environment is much less. Panels are made of environmentally friendly materials that do not pose a danger to human health.

In appearance, the panels represent a beautiful surface in the form of puzzles with a certain structure and shape. They are made with special grooves, and they somewhat resemble a children’s designer. In a bright room, these panels look very beautiful and impressive. The panels can be combined with other finishing materials, as well as with interior items.

3D panels have many advantages, they differ in strength, durability, reliability, practicality. The material from which the panels are made is resistant to moisture, non-flammable, also resistant to mechanical damage, detergents, has heat and sound insulation properties.

The panels are very easy to assemble and install, there is no need to prime the walls before installation, so the repair is reduced in time. The panels are attached in different ways, without preparation and special special tools. The panels can be glued to the wall with special glue, or put on special brackets and attached with screws.

How are 3D panels used in the interior? Decorative panels are used for any interiors of apartments, houses, bars, cafes, and offices. You can decorate the whole wall with panels, as well as some sections of the wall, combining with other materials. Panels can also be decorated with ceilings, platbands, wardrobes, doors, etc. items.

Both large rooms and small ones are decorated with panels, thanks to the volumetric dimensions of 3D panels. After installing the panels, if desired, they can be painted with special paints.

If you choose the right combination of panels and the light falling on them, you get a very beautiful effect, a play of light and shadow that can fascinate everyone.

3D panels will become an unusually beautiful decoration of your home, and will perfectly fit into your interior.

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