How to convert a balcony into a room

How to convert a balcony into a room

The balcony is not only a place to store things.

Often the balcony is used as a warehouse: there we store those things that do not fit into cabinets and on the mezzanine, skis, bicycles and old things that seem to be no longer needed, but it’s a pity to throw them away. But after all, the balcony can be used more expediently. If you approach this issue correctly, then you can get a niche for the living room, a children’s corner or your own office.

In this article we will look at several options for transforming the balcony space, you will learn how to make repairs on your own and perhaps you will find some solution for yourself.

Technical details.

First of all, you need to decide on the size of your balcony or loggia, and based on this, think over the design and function of this room.

First, the balcony needs to be glazed, to do this, and insulate, it does not matter whether it is fenced off from the main part of the apartment or becomes part of the room.

The glazing should be of high quality, because the windows will often open and close, and besides, the frames should be tight to keep out the cold. Unfortunately, windows from the developer do not always meet the necessary requirements.

Next, you need to take care of the insulation of the walls and floor. All seams need to be sealed if there are cracks. You need to fill them with mounting foam. For wall insulation, many different materials are now being sold, for example, mineral wool or foam, so you can pick up for any purse.

But it is better to entrust the underfloor heating to a specialist. Or insulate it in the same way as the walls. If you don’t want to bother.

What else needs to be taken into account: you cannot completely remove the partition between the balcony and the room and compare the floor level – this is prohibited by law.

You can also put an additional heating section on the balcony.

There are several options for converting the balcony space, as mentioned above.

  1. Continuation of the bedroom \ living room. In this case, the balcony door is removed, and part of the partition is decorated for a countertop, shelf, mini-table. It turns out a kind of niche in which you can make a children’s corner or put a small sofa with a coffee table or a bed \ couch.
  2. Childish. This option is suitable if the loggia is of a decent size – you can make an additional room out of it, in which you can place a children’s workplace, shelves for books and textbooks, a bed. All this can be arranged in some interesting style, and your child will be delighted.
  3. Office. This will be your personal workspace, which you will design in accordance with what you prefer to do. And if you work, for example, as a hairdresser at home or a nail service master, you will be able to receive customers there and will be fenced off from home, who will not have to go somewhere for the duration of your work.
  4. Greenhouse. If you are engaged in floriculture, and all the window sills are already filled with flowers, then the balcony is an excellent solution. There you can put tiered stands, hang wall planters, equip lockers where inventory will be stored.
  5. Summer living room. How nice it is to sit over a cup of tea or coffee, reading your favorite book and almost in the fresh air! Now there are many options for light and beautiful furniture: put a table and a couple of wicker chairs or chairs on the balcony, and you can have dinner or breakfast while enjoying the view from the window.

Show imagination, and for sure you will get something interesting.

How to convert a balcony into a room

How to convert a balcony into a room