House design

“Visiting a butterfly.” Design of a three-room apartment.

Create a studio, a bedroom and a children’s room. Enlarge the bathroom. All partitions have been dismantled. The bathroom has been enlarged due to a part of the corridor. A dressing room is planned in the resulting niche of the hall. The large studio is zoned with a decorative partition, and the functional areas of the studio are highlighted by finishing and ceiling level.

Modern with the interpretation of classical forms in a modern way. Pink-beige range in furniture, textiles, decoration. Forging, crystal, wood are used. The theme of the entire interior is easy and delicate butterfly sounds. In the studio, the partition between the living room and the kitchen-dining room is a la butterfly. The electric fireplace-cobweb is made in classic modern style. The artistic parquet in the form of a ribbon repeats the pattern on the ceiling. There is a canopy over the round bed in the bedroom.

Decorative partition – a huge butterfly wing: on the side of the living room there is a stand for a home theater, on the side of the dining room there is a luminous stained glass window, the end is LEDs. The spectacular stained glass window creates a special light-air environment in the interior, a changeable and unpredictable play of light.