Bathroom design

Bathroom design

Do you want to prove the uniqueness of your own design style? Be universal, combine and compose several directions that are relevant in this period. This will be especially effective when using high-quality materials, choosing unusual architectural solutions and performing work by high-class craftsmen.

Considering the connections and interlacing of different shapes and styles, the layout of various accessories and attributes, it is very difficult to determine what stands out and attracts most in the interior of this room. The only thing that can be said for sure and for sure is that all these elements together look great.

A spacious and smooth shower room can give a sense of space. It also appears in the presence of an unframed smooth glass door frame and simple chrome hangers and hooks, a sauna cabin will not be superfluous.

If you show skill in developing a dressing table, then the number of shelves that fit on it (open and closed) can pleasantly surprise with its number. They will fit everything you need to use in this room. We recommend paying special attention to the compatibility of wooden furniture and stone floor. This is quite a bold, but at the same time a successful and stylish solution.

It is better when the dressing table has a rounded smooth shape, then it creates a good contrast with the straight and even lines of the walls and windows. Metal handles will give the table a special style and charm. Of course, no one imposes their opinion on you. You have the right to choose a dressing table of such a shape and from such a material that suits you on a budget. A small pedestal on which the bathroom is located will, in our opinion, be a very successful element of the room. The shape of the bath is again a game of contrasts. Clear and straight lines and rounded soft shapes create excellent shades of geometric opposition.

It is thanks to such connections and repetitions, which are in perfect harmony, that the design of the bathroom turns out to be very dynamic and unusually lively. Unfortunately, the amount of ideas and accessories that can be used directly depends on the space of your bathroom. The shower stall can be completely different sizes, it all depends on your needs and its convenience. Calculate the area and finances!

Something that will really decorate and transform your bathroom and will not significantly disturb the budget, accessories – plants, lamps, candles, plants and so on.